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    hi, I have just finished the first build of my map... yeah it's b2, but it's the first i've released publically and not just from within my clan.

    it's not had a full compile yet, so shadows will look all crappy, etc, but i don't see the point in wasting compile time that could be better spent play testing... and so i could use some feedback on this map.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can download it here...

    For those that remember the TFC map, Monkey_L, this map is based around that map. It essentially has the same layout as Monkey_L but i have added an extra section for cap 2/4 which expands the map a little. I have also made a few modifications to the original design to make it look more TF2 map like.

    The cap points cap slightly slower than normal (only slightly though for now), so as to hopefully improve gameplay. I have also added "anticampers" to stop ppl camping the first spawn room. These are sentries that can be upgraded but not destroyed. sappers will remain on them until removed by an engineer or the spy changes class or leaves the server, though they aren't much use to sap tbh as they barriers only stay down for 4 seconds and have a 30sec cool down before can be used again.

    There is a short setup time, for people to uber up, but ppl shouldn't have full uber at start in that time... needs testing though. At the door though, the window slits above it allow for a skilled demoman to fire stickies onto the 3rd cap before setup ends... soldier can probably spam the opposite end but will be hard to hurt ppl as a result. no other class should be able to get up to that location.

    I would really appreciate it if people would upload to their servers to test and give me feedback, hell, even get a match against another clan on it if you want and give me feedback then. i will be doing the same, but since it's my clan and me playing it, the feedback will either be bias, or everyone will already know what needs fixing. I will look back in this thread from time to time to see if ppl leave feedback, or you can do it on that fpsbanana page, or even my clans forums (http://cic-clan.co.uk), whichever you wish, and i'll see it eventually.

    in advance, ty for testing the map and giving me some feedback :D