CP cp_mill_a4 2016-07-25

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Jul 19, 2016

I took a look at your map! Some of my thoughts:

The layout of the spawns and control points are weird. The second spawn of blue feels like it's farther away than the first one is. There is no buffer between the control points. The map is too big, there are too many open spaces and sightlines and no alternate paths and flank routes.

Long, straight corridors are generally not a good idea, putting water in them is even worse because it slows players down and it makes it even longer to traverse. Putting the third spawn of the teams in these trenches is also questionable, players have to wade through the water and climb out somewhere below mid, very awkward.

Making angled water surfaces leads to visual glitches.

You can stop the mill by standing at the end. You might want to move the ledge farther away so players can drop down between it and the mill. (Or just make it stationary, idk what purpose the rotation serves.)

Hope this was helpful in improving your map! :)


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Feb 1, 2016
I wasn't really sure how to fit my forward spawn on second. This was probably only a problem as I had made the displacements for the wall ahead of time. (I forgot about the other spawns in my plan for the map).

The sewers were mainly just to give soldiers a cool rollout on to mid with everyone else taking the normal route. I guess it does limit the usage of the other door to hold last with.

I couldn't find a good solution to not having slanted water which causes the glitch where you can't see it without it hindering my desired soldier rollout or looking weird.

The rotation of the watermill probably should have probably been removed as players can also get stuck on it.

In hindsight I should have made the map into a more playable state sooner before my time was up so I could actually test it with real players. (Bots didn't like navigating with water around).

Thanks for your feedback tough. :)