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    Cp_LimeStone - The Mayann Project

    Greetings From Cp_LimeStone!
    This is A Mayann Map which encludes a lot of hidden Secrets and some death traps !
    Its Reuploaded with some new content and fixed issues like:
    -More Health Packs around the map
    -some wooden fences preventing snipers of killing you
    -2 walls one the blu spawn preventing spawn camping
    -more ways blu can cap final point
    -1 more clip above a big rock because players could go on it
    -more light was added

    issues fixed:
    -players could fall from the finall point.
    -players could shot blu from the red spawn (espacialy snipers)
    -one of the pillars was floating above the ground
    -spawn camping
  2. Gabe Noodle from Volvo

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    Reminds me of one of the new unreal tournament maps.
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