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    Beta 2 Release

    Author: John "hydrage" Pafford
    File: cp_ironbowl_b2.bsp (all custom resources are embedded)

    This is the second beta release for Ironbowl. This is a multi-stage attack/defend control point map, similar to Dustbowl. Unlike Dustbowl, there is no forced respawn between rounds; instead, a series of "LaserGates" will open up allowing access to the next stage. The defending team (Red) has 60 seconds of setup time at the beginning of the game, and 30 seconds of setup time between stages.

    BLU Team wins by capturing all Control Points for each of the three stages A, B, and C before the time runs out. RED Team wins by preventing all the points from being captured.

    Special Notes:
    After capturing Point A, some of RED Team's LaserGates will shut off, enabling BLU Team to access Point B. After capturing Point B, more of RED Team's LaserGates will shut off, enabling BLU Team to access Point C.

    Other Notes:
    Control Points cannot be captured while they are locked. RED cannot recapture any of the control points in this beta version.

    Unnecessary Notes:
    The opposing team's LaserGates WILL hurt you...​

    Developer Notes:
    I have tried to design the map so that each of the nine classes have areas suitable to their abilities:

    - lots of possible sentry-gun placements
    - plenty of ammopacks to replenish metal during setup time between stages
    - a few tucked away locations near the front lines (and behind them) that are suitable for teleporters

    - lots of corners and several "figure-8" pathways, to aid ambushing and flanking
    - several areas where healthkits are rare, enabling victims to burn longer

    - lots of tight winding corridors for planting stickies and bouncing pipebombs
    - a few places to sticky-jump a great distance, and then pick up a nearby healthkit

    - lots of places to double-jump to raised platforms
    - lots of places to double-jump from platform to platform over lower elevations

    - several long distance corridors
    - a defensive sniper nest for each stage

    - lots of places to rocket-jump to raised platforms
    - several multilevel areas, creating advantages for higher elevation

    - lots of nooks to hide in while disguising and/or cloaking
    - several "figure-8" pathways to aid infiltration

    - a handful of chokepoints, with concealed nooks nearby for medics and dispensers

    - plenty of cover

    Change Log (since Beta 1)
    1 - removed RED's ability to recapture midpoints
    2 - fixed the missing supply closet in RED's Round-3 spawnroom
    3 - added several observer cameras for both teams
    4 - fixed the capture point plates not changing colors when captured
    5 - the lasergates outside RED's Round-1 and Round-2 spawnrooms will now shutoff after their respective rounds are completed
    6 - removed corridor that linked the backalley at A2 to the sniper's nest facing B1
    7 - added a new corridor from the Round-3 garage area that links to the upper level above C1
    8 - included a 3D skybox
    9 - included a soundscape
    10 - added detail geometry/props for the spawn rooms
    11 - a few changes to healthkit and ammopack placements
    12 - several minor changes to miscellaneous brushwork/texturing

    Please send any feedback to me at the provided email address. Let me know of any glitches, exploits, imbalances, misaligned textures, unclipped geometry or props, catastrophic failings, negligible foibles, or anything else that you think could be improved.

    Scheduled for Beta 3:
    - better detail brushwork
    - better texturing and cubemaps
    - improvements to 3D skybox
    - fixes for any issues that are emailed to me ( email them to me!)

    ©2008 John "hydrage" Pafford
    All Rights Reserved
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    need to see screenshots before i download ;)
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