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    Title: cp_hellfish_beta2
    Version: Beta 2.0
    Filename: cp_hellfish_beta2.bsp
    Created By: RC|Psyphil
    Author Email: fantasifille@hotmail.com
    Steam Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Psyphil
    Compile Date: 27/04/2008


    This is the second beta (and last I believe) of cp_hellfish (http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/49314)
    *BLUE spawn got totally new textures and is very much more BLUE-like.
    *There's a tunnel going from RED's spawn, to C, to A.
    *It's much darker in the map.
    *Added alot of new lights.
    *Voice not shouting it's the final cap point being captured on every point anymore.
    *Added more places where you can jump onto the roof(s)
    *Fixed textures going black in spectator mode
    *More details!


    "This is my very first map!
    The idea came from som map I saw when googling around with a name hellfish bay on so that's why the name... I'm very happy how this turned out cuz I've heard from betatesters that it's a good map.
    The general idea and what makes it the map it is is that you can jump on almost all roofs! And not just as scout / demo / soldier, you can get up as any class by normal jumping."