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    cp_hardrock - control points

    its a 5cp map and it is designed for a more competitive gameplay and of course nice and relaxing for pubs
    current version cp_hardrock_a3


    *this map was intended for the 72 hours mapping contest.unfortunately i had some issues and i wasn't on time for 30 secs. the map was uploaded 30 secs after the timer had gone to zero but still when i played a few rounds on it i realised that there were 2 problems with area portals. ( you couldn't see whats behind the area portal)

    *i believe this map could be a competitive one with some changes here and there so any feedback is much appreciated.

    *also this update a3 fixes the area portal problem so if my map gets accepted for the contest i ask to be allowed to update it so players can actually enjoy the map and not wonder why i can't see whats on the other side of that door.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.