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    This is beta3 of the map cp_hardhat, originally created for the mapping contest.

    This map has come a very long way from it's original build thanks to the feedback I've goten from playtesters. This latest beta will most likely be the final layout.

    Changes from beta2: (oh so many)
    - Gutted and rebuilt (completely) A's cap point. It is now half the size and much busier with many places for sentries to be built. The original A point was massive and way too open. This has been fixed.
    - Due to oversights and miscalculations on my part, cap times were a bad joke. These have all been fixed.
    - B is now locked until A is capped.
    - The right side entrance to the mine has been altered to increase vis performance
    - The approach to B from A has been altered on both sides
    - More signs added to help new players find their way around better
    - Thanks to these changes the file size has dropped to nearly half of what it was.

    Changes to be made in next beta:
    - Optimization! Outside maps are such a pain. FPS is lower than I'd like in some areas. This is my priority right now.
    - More details to be added to A to flesh out that area more
    - Possible changes to gameplay thanks to feedback from players

    Thanks again to everyone who's given me feedback and please, keep it coming.