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    So, this is my first map and I really worked hard on it while also improving my mapping skills.

    It has a very un-professional feeling, I am guessing it maybe the walls that surround the level or perhaps the skybox is a little bit dull?

    SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/1ep6MWG,qfBxPaM,SIe6t8Z,MORP85g,xpeUkXF,32nKgWI,DP4H8ev

    Here is the map .bsp (bots also work with it): http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/507270/cp-flake-alpha4-zip.html

    Could you guys recommend me what to do in order to improve it?
    Also, I believe I should eliminate the walls and use something else that gives less the feel that the map is a box.
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    It's a rectangular trough filled with stuff, it's bound to be boring and look kinda iffy. Take a look at more developed maps and you'll notice that the overall shape of the map more or less follows the shape of the playable area (which also tends to be more interesting than a box with obstacles thrown in). Take the ideas you have for the map and separate them out more, while still keeping a good flow between them (don't make a bunch of rooms with long corridors connecting them). Basically keep making maps, that's all there is to it. Eventually you'll get the feel for how map layouts work, and then adjusting gameplay will be a breeze.