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CP cp_dawn a3

An unfinished, unpolished attack defense map. (And now abanadoned.)

  1. Uncle Gandhi

    Uncle Gandhi L1: Registered

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    cp_dawn - An unfinished, unpolished attack defense map.

    Dawn is an attack/defense map featuring some lovely orange sunrise lighting. My goal in designing this map is to make an attack defense map that forces the defense to play dynamically instead of just turtling in one spot, and force the offense to earn each capture point by outsmarting the defense with tricky flank routes and fun tactics.
    At the moment, I am attempting to get it ironed out to be more and more playable by testers. It is currently playable but may have low FPS because the optimization is incomplete. I will continue to update it, and be prepared to see drastic changes made.
    Workshop version will be more consistently updated, but I will do my best to keep it posted here!!
  2. BeigeBaize

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    Going from point a-b, PICTURE

    There is only one building that they can come out of which makes it easy to know where they're coming from and in order to get out they need to go across an area where they're fairly open even having to climb down from one of the exits. Which is more of a problem for the less mobile classes who will find it more difficult to cross the gap. There is another door that isn't part of the building but it puts you in a similar sort of area which is quite enclosed, the other thing with how it is currently is a sniper can climb ontop of the crane nearby the point and be able to shoot at any point that they can come from.

    Someone standing on the crane can also see into the other point and vice versa with one of the highest elevated parts of the first point, on that first point a sniper can see where red go out of spawn, both exits from where they're standing and some of the other area. The fence where you can jump over is good so it would be a shame to get rid of that but something you could do is raise the roof to the left which you can't jump over anyway and maybe put more cover where the spawn is. There are some more problems but so I don't keep going on about the crane :) the simplest thing to do is probably just move the crane and look into what you can do with the other high point at the other side since that sort of thing seems like it's just going to be problematic in future.

    For last point something that is concerning is the spawn door to the left that puts you quite forward, there's a resup cabinet right next to the door so it seems like it could be easy to hang around there and would make it very difficult to attack in from the top right entrance for blue especially and for the lower right since they can shoot down while easily healing back up, so the cabinet probably needs moving and potentially the whole door backwards just so it's a bit further from the right entrances.

    A more general thing is to keep the less mobile classes in mind, maybe by adding more cover to areas or making it easier for them to climb up certain things so they can get around certain areas.

    Another general thing which will be more important once it's more polished is to make sure there aren't bits sticking out of that you can get stuck on but I didn't write the ones I saw down since I didn't think it'd be too useful if it's going to be changed anyway.

    I think those are the main things I thought of running around. It looks quite nice themewise so far and theres quite alot going on with it. I think I would be interested to play and see how it all works out which is what you want from a map really.

    Good luck and have fun!
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  3. Uncle Gandhi

    Uncle Gandhi L1: Registered

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    Thank you for this advice! My main concern with the red spawn where they have to clib down was how quickly you could get from there back to the point. My solution was to make it elevated to slow defenders but provide the ability to jump the ledge to go quicker but take fall damage. After some more playtesting, I may try some other solutions.

    As for the crane making absurd sniper sight lines, I will definitely deal with that very soon.
    And as for the resup cabinet near the door on the last point, I am planning to have that door lock after Point B is capped to prevent the scenario you described. Again, thank you so much for the feedback! I will take it all and mind, and please do check it out some more if you wish!! :))
  4. Uncle Gandhi

    Uncle Gandhi L1: Registered

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    Most of the map has been hugely overhauled.

    -Added brand new BLU initial spawn.
    -Replaced area with fence and shipping container outside initial Red spawn with a new building.
    -Replaced fence outside point C with a new building.
    -Added a trapdoor to the building between point A and B.
    -Added a skylight above that trapdoor with a ladder to climb out to a small area, with coverage of point B. Gives BLU a more dynamic way to attack point B, but most likely needs further readjusting.
    -Added lots of clipping.
    -Changed heights of some choke points and doorways to be more reasonable.
    -Added tons of lighting, and changed the environment lighting.
    -Changed the skybox to better fit the early morning alpine theme.
    -Fixed point B not turning blue upon being captured.
    -Lots of other miscellaneous fixes

    Hopefully you will enjoy this humongous update!! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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  5. TyeZenneth

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  6. Uncle Gandhi

    Uncle Gandhi L1: Registered

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    Welp, here come another MAJOR update to the map!! This time the oldest parts of the first control point that have been in the map since I created it have been TOTALLY REWORKED!!! I'll try to jot out patch notes but it's gonna be missing a lot, I made huge changes!! Here are some screenshots too.

    Update log:
    -This update has been heavily focused on reducing the insane vertical scaling on Dawn to make for a more fun, less drawn-out and stringy combat environment, while still allowing for plenty of breathing room.

    -Lowered the height of the crane overarching Point A from ~448hu to 320hu.
    -Removed ladder and access to the attic in the carshop, and also removed the shaft that allowed BLU to easily get onto the roof of the large sniper barn before Point A.
    -Lowered the height of said barn by ~150+hu. Also changed incline to be sloping towards the defenders to prevent camping, and allow the defense a fair chance to eliminate offensive buildup. Now only accessible by explosive jumping/etc, or by using the crane.
    -Sealed lower room of said barn to be inaccessible.
    -Sealed upper room of said barn, and added a window with an opening for snipers.
    -Added a ladder for better, more reliable access to said barn.
    -Replaced messy brushwork that acted as a terrible choke point with shipping containers and a ladder, designed in a unique shape to offer an advantage to whomever chooses to take leverage.
    -Sealed off cliff on side of map.
    -Added a canopy over Point A. Mostly just d├ęcor, but may provide a little cover.
    -Removed a ladder that unfairly gave the attacking team a crazy high ground. Hole now only accessible via explosive jump/etc.
    -Added a ladder over a stack of crate leading into Point B.
    -Added new area portals to red's initial spawn room, and the hallway to the right leading into the Point C building.
    -Removed stairs leading to a deck circling point C. Lowered said deck so stairs are not required. This will increase combat comfortability.
    -Added a new thick wall to allow deck to pushed more towards the center of the room.
    -Removed cross-catwalk overarching the room.
    -Added a little more cover near the final defender's spawn.
    -Fixed BLU being able to enter RED final spawn when door was held open.
    -Added some new crates and shipping containers to the floor of Point C for some interesting cover.
    -Added a couple new health and ammo packs to point C.

    Now... for the screenshots!

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