CP_CTF_PL_Working Map?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Jaywalker, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I've wanted to make a map with features of all these three for a while, just because I'm a little bit that way inclined.

    It would take on an Attack/Defend dynamic, with the Payload being the ultimate goal.

    Capturing the Flag would be an, optional task, that only has the 'crits' effect for your team.

    Capturing the Point would drop the number of people required to start pushing the payload (along the segment of track connected to the payload) from three to one.

    Pushing the Payload would be the only STRICTLY necessary task, although Capturing the Point would be vital against all but the most out-gunned of teams. As mentioned above, if you haven't captured its corresponding CP, it takes 3 people to start the cart moving. If you HAVE, it takes the usual 1 person to move the cart.

    What do you think? Worth making?

    This would be a long way off as I'm currently engrossed in making CP_Scrapheap, but do you think it's possible?

    Thanks for any feedback.
  2. The Political Gamer

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    You can but I foresee 2 very big problems.

    1. You can only have 1 HUD which could complicate things.
    2. Having not one but 3 objectives is a bit crazy and could leave both RED and BLU confused and scattered out over the map with no clear goal.

    I would say pick one mode and stick with it.
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  3. Prestige

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    Go ahead and try. See how it turns out. You never know until you try!
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  4. Rikka

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    You can make solid predictions before you try, though And I don't see it going well.

    Unless you're there to explain it most players won't have any idea what mechanic affects what, you won't have the neccesary hud to properly communicate all of these mechanics, and the capture crits idea is straight up awful. You'll also divide up the teams far too much.

    I would honestly say that just two of these mechanics put together would be too much.
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  5. Dox

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    I can see someone adding cps to a payload to rigger optional things, like steel does for the non essential points, but capping a flag for the crit effect seems overkill.