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    Castle - cp_castle4



    Title: cp_castle4
    Version: Final 4.0
    Filename: cp_castle4.bsp
    Created By: David Lohmeyer - REV6|VilePickle
    Author Email:
    Type: CP - Dustbowl style
    Compile Date: 5/11/2008
    Development Cycle: Beta 1 -> Beta 2 -> Beta 3 -> Final 1.0 -> Final 2.0 -> Final 3.0 -> V4 Beta 1 -> V4 Beta 2 -> V4 Beta 3 -> Final 4.0


    If you disliked this map before, you may wish to try it again. The changes are extensive, and it is a very different map.
    From V4 Beta 3:
    Stage 1-
    -Moved health/ammo near 1-2 dropdown closer to the doors into the CP area.

    Stage 3-
    -Added health/ammo where the old fog pit used to be
    -Added tunnel for defense to get up to the side attacking ramp
    -Reduced cap time on 3-2 from 10 sec for 1 player to 8

    From Castle3:
    -Outside lighting less harsh
    -Timers changed to match Dustbowl (starts at 4:30), except 3-1, which adds 3:00
    -All stages have seen massive visual updates
    -Lighting has been improved all around
    -All stages have seen optimization updates
    -3D skybox added. Nothing spectacular, but it looks better in areas
    -All spawn rooms have been updated to look like regular TF2 spawn rooms
    -Gameplay props that could fade out in Direct X 8 no longer fade out
    -Player clip ceilings in all areas have been raised
    -Lanterns on walls are no longer solid to get stuck on
    -Health and ammo packs can no longer fade out at a distance (remnant from early TF2 mapping)

    Stage 1-
    -CP 1-1 added to the stage
    -CP 1-1 is housed in a building, replacing the small bridge. This adds more cover outside
    -RED now has a spawn exit that is not easily camped

    Stage 2-
    -One RED spawn door is now elevated and has cover
    -BLU has additional elevation on one of its old attack routes via a ramp
    -RED can now defend 2-1 slightly easier with a new platform near the CP and larger ammo packs
    -Additional direction signs added
    -Sticky bombs can no longer be tossed over the start gate
    -Defenders can no longer push into BLU's main hallway
    -BLU's first hallways now have roofs to provide better FPS and more cover

    Stage 3-
    -BLU starting gate moved towards the spawn room
    -Sticky bombs can no longer be tossed over the start gate (but you can make smiley faces on the invisible barrier :)
    -RED can no longer pass BLU's starting gate after round start
    -CP 3-1 moved towards the BLU starting area more
    -CP 3-2 moved to the end of the bridge, and half of the inside castle area removed
    -There is now a way out of the 3-2 canal that doesn't lead into RED's area
    -The left side before the 3-2 bridge now provides better sniper cover
    -There is now an elevated building before 3-1 to easier mount an assault on the point
    -There is now a place to setup on defense by 3-1 that cannot easily be flanked, but is on ground level
    -Smoke cloud in the canal removed


    BUGFIX: Players can no longer get over the Cp wall behind stage 1 and become trapped in a void area.
    BUGFIX: Players no longer see invisble walls when on top of the CP2A mini-walls.


    -Better optimization added to all 3 stages.
    -Most models have their fade distance set, so rocks across the map won't be drawn anymore.
    -New scoring system now in place: a point is added for each CP capped.
    -Detail added to the spawn rooms.
    -Decals changed to overlays, improving their quality and making them visible to all.

    Stage 1-
    -Windows added to the towers in stage 1 and 2.
    -A large castle wall has been added behind the stage to prevent excessive drawing from stage 2. At the right dropdown, FPs increased about 20.

    Stage 2-
    -An alternate route for blue is now in place before the traditional starting hallway. This should stop it from being a huge chokepoint, as there is already a chokepoint later in the stage (breaking through RED's spawn waves at 2B)
    -Area mostly retextured to distinguish it from Stage 1.

    Stage 3-
    -The keep walls are textured differently to give the area some variety.
    -Minor see through brush fixed.
    -Smoke cloud is slightly less intense.
    -An alternate door at the side entrance to CP 3B has been added.
    -The CP stand for 3B has been lowered. Scouts can now double-crouch jump onto it from either side (the front requires the boxes)


    Stage 1-
    -Added small health/ammo to far dropdown entrance of inside castle.
    -Added a wall inside the castle to prevent excessive sniper spam.
    -Wood fences added inside the castle.

    Stage 2-
    -An additional CP has been added to this area half way through. It will add 4.5 minutes to the timer when taken.
    -More crate cover added to far path.
    -A wall has been added to the far path to block LOS to the red resupply, cutting down on sniper spam.
    -Tweaked some health and ammo packs.
    -The wall leading to the last CP has switched sides in attempt to bring better flow to the CP.

    Stage 3-
    -The main bridge has been redone visually and now has a cover over it. This should also help with excessive sniping.
    -Soldiers can no longer unintentially get on top of the starting wall.
    -Tweaked some health and ammo packs.
    -Some wall locations have been adjusted inside the final fortress to increase flow to the last CP.
    -Additional signs added.

    -Visually many details have been added everywhere.
    -More optimization added in every area.
    -Sun brightness reduced slightly.
    -All areas now have 18 spawn points assigned.
    -Many flatter areas have been modified to be more uneven.
    -Rocks have been recolored to better match the surroundings.
    -All CP's now take 6 seconds to capture. This is a small change only to area 2.
    -Timers have been revised with the addition of the double-CP areas. The net result is mostly identical timings, but it has been streamlined. They are as follows:
    Area 1 - Start: 7.5 minutes
    Area 1 - Capture: Add 4.5 minutes
    Area 2A - Capture: Add 4.5 minutes
    Area 2B - Capture: Add 4.5 minutes
    Area 3A - Capture: Add 4.5 minutes


    Stage 1-
    -Added another door on the right side inside the castle for offense.
    -Time to capture the CP has been reduced 2 seconds.
    -Added more sniper cover in the castle itself.
    -Players can now rocket jump on top of the middle wall inside the castle.

    Stage 2-
    -Time to capture the CP has been reduced 1 second.
    -Sniper cover has been added near the defense resupply.
    -Extra exit added to red resupply to prevent excessive spam.
    -Tweaked the size of some ammo and health, and added some health/ammo for offense.

    Stage 3-
    -A new CP has been added to this area before the bridge for offense to capture. This will give an additional 4 minutes to capture the last area when taken.
    -An additional "bridge" to the castle has been added in the form of a wooden plank halfway across the canal.
    -Extra exit added to red resupply to prevent excessive spam.
    -Tweaked the size of some ammo and health.
    -Health kits added in several locations for offense.
    -Added cover in two locations inside the castle against "sniper spam".
    -Time to capture the last CP has been reduced 2 seconds.

    -Issue with respawn walls showing up on a delay in some cases should be fixed.
    -All round timers have had 30 seconds added to them, bringing the timers to 7.5 minutes.
    -Various visual tweaks and additional signs added.


    Stage 1-
    -Increased timer from 4.5 minutes to 7 minutes.
    -Added a second resupply locker to blue's starting spawn.
    -Added cover inside and outside.
    -Added an alternate path to the CP, closer to the far right castle entrance.
    -Removed health and ammo from the CP platform.

    Stage 2-
    -Added cover to the far hall.

    Stage 3-
    -Removed invisible wall near red resupply.
    -Modified down the size of ammo packs for defense.

    -Tweaked sun color and intensity



    Program: Hammer
    Compile Time: 1 hour
    Compile PC: Core 2 Duo 6400, 2GB RAM



    Extract the zip file to
    ...Steam/steamapps/$$Your Steam ID$$/team fortress 2/tf/maps

    Create a server with cp_Castle4

    ©2008 David Lohmeyer.
    All Rights Reserved

    Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.
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    I liked it before, can't wait to like it even more now!
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