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    Changes for _b3 - 04/03/08:-

    -Added extra raised area in the third round to aid defence of the first point
    -Replaced all developer textures with proper ones.
    -Slight timing tweaks
    -Fixed yet more displacement missalignes
    -Adjusted the lightmap scales all over the place for optimisation and looks
    -Clipped off several areas
    -Added a nobuild brush to prevent smart ass engies being too good :p
    -Added a clip brush to aid engies
    -Added details in lots of places, lighting, textural and brushwork details
    -Added soundscapes
    -Misc and improvements all over

    Changes for _b2_a - 15/03/08:-

    -Reduced filesize again ( _b1 - 91mb uncompressed. _b2 - ~40mb. _b2_a - 30mb) - from the fast download site its only 9mb now
    -Redesigned one area
    -Tweaked water
    -Replaced a few textures
    -Removed nodraw brush blocking blu spawn in round 2
    -Lit an area that wasn't before
    -Minor tweaks all over the place
    -Added areaportals to the third stage

    Changes for _b2 - 14/03/08:-

    -Vastly reduced file size
    -Generally improved details everywhere
    -fixed model textures and visible nodraws
    -Adjusted timers slightly
    -Increased distance between red sapwn in stage 3 and the start up gates to improve the quality of that stage.
    -Adjusted capture point timers slightly
    -Slight displacement tweaks, fixed missalignments in multiple places
    -Improved lighting in a few places - note - most lighting is still very much unfinished
    -Textured a few more areas

    _b1 released - 24/02/08