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Discussion in 'Maps' started by YM, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. YM

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    BLOODSTAINED - cp_bloodstained


    Title: cp_bloodstained
    Version: Final release
    Filename: cp_bloodstained.bsp
    Created By: Tim 'Youme' Johnson
    Author Email:
    Type: Multi Round CP - Dustbowl style
    Compile Date: 19/04/2008


    Changes for "cp_bloodstained" (final release) - 29/04/2008:-

    -Added more detail props in most locations
    -Adjusted lightmap scale in one area
    -Tweaked timings further
    -Added cubemaps in necessary locations
    -Finalised lighting in a few more areas making the whole map properly lit
    -Misc other tweaks

    Changes for _b4_a - 19/04/08:-

    -Added extra displacements on top of the cliffs
    -Added many more details, brushes, props overlays...etc
    -Improved lighting in several areas
    -Removed 'temporary' lighting and implemented proper lighting
    -Raised 'ceiling' playerclip in stages 2 and 3 as well as the second half of stage 1
    -Added menu photos
    -Removed "under construction" signs
    -Altered lightmap scale to remove iffy lines
    -Slight timing tweaks to various capture points
    -Complete entity system rebuild that now means the winning team is only ever awarded one point per win ensuring the game is completed after 3 wins.
    -Adjusted soundscapes
    -Added a frog

    Changes for _b3 - 04/04/08:-

    -Added extra raised area in the third round to aid defence of the first point
    -Replaced all developer textures with proper ones.
    -Slight timing tweaks
    -Fixed yet more displacement misaligns
    -Adjusted the lightmap scales all over the place for optimisation and looks
    -Clipped off several areas
    -Added a nobuild brush to prevent smart ass engies being too good
    -Added a clip brush to aid engies
    -Added details in lots of places, lighting, textural and brushwork details
    -Added soundscapes
    -Misc and improvements all over

    Changes for _b2_a - 15/03/08:-

    -Reduced filesize again
    -Redesigned one area
    -Tweaked water
    -Replaced a few textures
    -Removed nodraw brush blocking blu spawn in round 2
    -Lit an area that wasn't before
    -Minor tweaks all over the place
    -Added areaportals to the third stage

    Changes for _b2 - 14/03/08:-

    -Vastly reduced file size
    -Generally improved details everywhere
    -fixed model textures and visible nodraws
    -Adjusted timers slightly
    -Increased distance between red spawn in stage 3 and the start up gates to improve the quality of that stage.
    -Adjusted capture point timers slightly
    -Slight displacement tweaks, fixed misalignments in multiple places
    -Improved lighting in a few places - note - most lighting is still very much unfinished
    -Textured a few more areas

    _b1 released - 24/02/08



    Extract the rar file to
    ...Steam/steamapps/****Your Steam ID****/team fortress 2/tf/maps

    Create a server with cp_bloodstained

    ©2008 Tim Johnson.
    All Rights Reserved

    Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of VALVe Software.
  2. R3dRuM

    R3dRuM L6: Sharp Member

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    Congratulations Youme, Great work on completing the map in time, looking forward to playing the final version again!
  3. Redfurn

    Redfurn L1: Registered

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    Oh, already final now, last time i played b3 on a server i think, was a lot of fun. The final looks good, have to test it on a full server of course.

    But what about a point system like dustbowl (each cap = one point)?
    I think it is a little frustrating if one team defended on stage 3 and the other team defends at stage 1 and it is still only one point for each team.

    AWESOME-O L10: Glamorous Member

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    i run this map on my serv, it is awesome!
  5. Redfurn

    Redfurn L1: Registered

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    We played it today, both teams defended the second CP on stage 1, seems a little too easy for defenders.
  6. YM

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    Don't worry, the statistics show that the attackers win more often than the defenders do.

    And the non-dustbowl point style - I dislike the new scoring style they implemented, I think its plain retarded. One point for a sucessfull attack and one for a sucessfull defend makes far more sense than one per point because then you could play the starting point over and over and over before the winlimit is reached or you could play all the way through once or twice, whilst one point per sucessful attack/defend means the map is played for a more consistant amount of rounds.

    Also it stops that really REALLY annoying situation where the attacking team only needs one point left to win, at the start of the first stage so the map changes mid-round.
    The new system is much less fun than the old system.
  7. Paria

    Paria L5: Dapper Member

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    in a clan game environment it's useful, previously the red team could hold the blu team at stage 1 cp 1 and score 1 point, when the sides are switched the blue team could capture all but the last point on stage 3 and the red team still gets a point,

    old style scoring 1-1
    new style scoring 5-1

    I would look to the server.cfg as being more of the problem in that scenario - i tend to just rely on mp_timelimit and mp_maxrounds for a public server and have no issues whatsoever with map chnages after blu team wins a round.
  8. Vander

    Vander L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    We have been running the final build on my clan server and the guys have had nothing but good things to say about it. Great job Youme!
  9. Redfurn

    Redfurn L1: Registered

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    Same here, on dustbowl style maps we always work with roundlimits, not with pointlimits, so that is not a problem.

    Each team is defending one time and attacking one time, or if that´s too short on that map, it is twice defending and twice attacking.

    If one team defends on stage 3 and the other team is good enough to defend on stage 1, the second team just played better and i think it schould be honored with points.
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