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    Probably one of the # one questions as but i was curious if anyone knew of a control point tutorial laying about? I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to A) have it so you can have all the cps out and you can cap any of them at will thus, B) making a map where the game ends via people gaining a set amount of points from the cps. For the old school QWTF'ers remember canalzone? (also want to know how mine4 works with the flag being taken to the cp!). Tossing out a line to see if anyone knows. Back to google!

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    Well I know A can easily be done.

    B can be done with a clever set up of logic_timers and math_counters, though I still need to come up with a way for players to see what value the counters have.

    Haven't seen any tutorials though, guess I'll have to write something if no one more knowledgable is going to step up.
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    Not sure if this is what you mean, but I created a little map to show how you can setup a team win scenario without the use of CPs or flags. Basically, you have two switches, one for blue and one for red. Each time one of the buttons is pressed, it gives a point for the associated team. The first team to reach 10 points wins. I've added the BSP and VMF so you can see how all the triggers and entities work together.

    Download the BSP file
    Download the VMF file
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    A possibility would be to create a blank capture point in the middle of the map and set a timer around 5 minutes. Each second could give to the team that own the middle of the map a +1 point. After 5mins, the team with the best score win the match.
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    Thanks for the replies! Yea spaceweasles i'm trying to do something similair to that. I'm trying to make it so when a flag is brought to a cp, the cp will changeowner to that team and continuously at a slow rate add points to their score. after reaching a set amount the game ends. I'm stuck right now with trying to:

    A) figure out how to link the flags to the cps, or the flags to cp models and bypass the cp ent completely. So a play caps the cp with a flag.
    b) figure out how to display the points in the hud

    Thanks for all the help so far! Spaceweasles that map was very informative, and much appreciative