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    Presenting my first map and learning experience, Platform 1. This aquatic Dustbowl is by no means an attempt at replicating "good gameplay," but rather, and experiment to see what kind of gameplay will work. The result is actually a rather fun map that, with suggestions, could be fleshed into a far better map.

    What puts Platform 1 aside from most other CP maps is the Payload-like first point of the third stage, a large elevator. I spent countless hours syncing the gears to move at the proper speeds, but in the end, I think the result might be a little bland, even with large amounts of people. Perhaps it needs to be scaled down a little...?

    Anyway, I'm looking for any suggestions I can get. Playtests, if possible, as I am too shy to ask for the beta map to be placed in the voting list of my home customs server.

    Direct BSP download
    FPSBanana Page


    Things scheduled to be modified:
    ○ Last point is announced as the last point
    ● One-way window at BLU's very last spawn
    ● Fog color changed to match horizon (skybox)
    ● Role reversal reversal
    Ditch "roof-opening nuisance" idea What about "Do Not Enter" overlays; hazard strip; danger signs, etc?
    ○ More grating to emphasize the existence of S2P2?
    ○ More tables in the S3 final point "break room"/spawn point
    ● Remove one floor of the giant elevator; remove side elevators in favor of staircases (better fire safety anyway)
    ● Health in EVERY shelf on the elevator
    ○ Custom texture for new bomb diagram?
    ○ Larger directional signs, not just more signs
    ● Remove giant elevator's broken grate on the top, open all doors until the elevator passes them
    ○ Add fade stuff for props
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    Looks pretty cool, Im just wondering for the last screenshot, why so much black? It looks quite cool but at the same time feels "out of place" imho. (And can people fall of the sides of that walkway?
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    Just walked through the map quickly, and i loved it :p

    Heres a little feedback:

    The 2nd path to the last cap stage 2 is almost impossible to find, unless you know its there or use noclip like i did ^^
    There are some paths that dont really lead anywhere, it is very confusing. (fx the stairs that leads down to the lower level of the platform in stage one) You should make it more clear where to go.

    btw i like the way you made the last cp. maybe you should only make it black where there isnt a wall on the other side, it looks kind of wierd when its nodraw on one side and a wall on the other side :p
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    Thanks for taking a look! However, I rather need some clarification, particularly on the stairs that lead to the lower level in stage one. What would you recommend? A "Do Not Enter" sign, perhaps? Also, I honestly have no idea how to further emphasize that you should exit the first point in the second stage to go downstairs. It makes sense that a point behind and underneath the first point would be confusing, but it's necessary to set up the third stage.

    Yeah, the very last point is weird. I decided to use toolsblack copiously to give the room an "enormous, dark control center" appeal. Some people like it, some people don't. However, I don't remember missing any nodraw textures. Could you pinpoint the location a bit better, or provide a screenshot? I really appreciate your comments.

    Speaking of that last point, midget, you can't fall off the sides unless you die. The blackness makes it appear larger than it really is, which is what I was going for.
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    Sorry it took me (ArchS) so long to reply to you on FPSB - it being downtime I try to take a step away from the computer as much as I can.

    I had completely forgot about the bottom area on Stage 3 Point 2, which nullifies my point on the sentry gun since there's a completely different exit for the defenders to leave from. Some notes from a quick private test - the signage coloring/placement needs to be bigger, brighter. A half dozen people couldn't figure out their way around most of stages 1 and 2. They also preferred that BLU attacked and RED defended - on my home server they said that previous reverse team maps usually emptied out the server due to people getting confused and leaving, which would put a mark against this map being hosted there.

    On stage 1 cap 2, the roof of the bomb factory opens when you start to cap the second point - people would jump in there, to their doom. You might want to consider it opening after the the point is capped, as a number of attackers thought it was a secondary pathway to the point and dropped in to their doom.

    Stage 2 was a mess of directions. People were able to find their way to the points eventually, but the second point was especially difficult for the attackers. The signage outside the first point by the sea isn't visible enough for attackers, they wandered around confused for a couple of minutes until they found their way to the point.

    Stage 3, point 1 - the elevators for the attackers are a mess, and don't always work properly and possibly sped up - It takes a little magic to close the doors, namely walking in and out a couple of times to ensure the doors close. The main point/elevator stands to be sped up greatly - either by taking out a whole floor that it must travel or by speeding up the general elevator. The ammo and health in the central climbing pillar was a nice touch, but I'm not sure that anyone would notice it as it is, since it's every other notch/post(?) The defenders need a easier time to defend the elevator, such as being able to shoot through the windows on each floor - they'd be able to pick off players without stopping the elevator, which takes too long as it is to get up. Defending is a bit counter intuitive, as I instinctively headed for the stairs downwards knowing there was a elevator, then realizing there was nowhere for me to defend from.

    Stage 3, Point 2 - One-way windows yes, maybe give it more a NASA control room feel than what it is now, computer screens everywhere, one with a schematic of next type of bomb, etc.

    Make sure to put it up for the maptest days!
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    Right, these are some excellent, if work-intensive suggestions. I've got some ideas, though, that would overhaul the elevator sequence (chiefly by removing a floor and getting rid of the side elevators in favor of regular stairs).

    My image for the elevator was this: defenders waiting with baited breath for the elevator to reach their floor, and then piling in through the sides as the elevator falls. Unfortunately, the long length of the elevator and the sheer number of doors makes it difficult to bring the team together.

    Also, I'll take the bait and put RED as the unrightful occupants of the Platform and BLU as attacking-- this'll take quite a bit of changes, but if it soothes headaches, then it's worth it. I could even stake this out as a plot extension from B1! Which reminds me, I'll submit a B2 for playtesting here when it's ready, and that might take a while thanks to the VMF being unavailable for me during winter vacation.