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Do-able, if so, attractive idea?

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  1. Limesimme

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    Today, while mowing my lawn, I figured that a scenario where both teams battle over an Oil pump. Underneath/in the area of the pump there is going to be a capturepoint. When it's captured, the winning team goes on the defence and loosers to offence, trying to destroy the pump (If they are not getting it, no-one is), when moving the cart forward and capturing the "track-cps" the defenders are pushed back a bit.
    I made a chart, don't know if it creates more problems and questions than it's answering at the moment.


    The only issiue right now is the HUD, which ABS said can't change Mid-round, the plan is to make that problem disappear by making "arena-like" rounds (or stages, only that the second stage is an exact copy of the first but for the payload).

    Post complaints/crits/advice... anything you think could help is appreciated!
  2. A Boojum Snark

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    I said, and I quote, "mid map". Meaning it can't change ever. at all.
  3. Limesimme

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    Darnit, thanks anyway :)
  4. (s2a) yahodahan

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    I like the idea of fighting for a point, and if can't win it- blow 'er up!

    go fer it, gots promise!

    changing the HUD- yes, that is a problem. If ABS says it's so, then it must be so. (or so we all are led to assume...maybe he is just leading us all on, and secret laughing behind his new monacle and tophat, hrrm?)

    you could make a PHYSICAL HUD! ie, a giant billboard or such that has the material change/numbers tick up/anything at all, in a place where all could see it, yes? Done well, this could look great and take care of your prob there.