CP Moat

CP CP Moat PreA1

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Aug 2, 2017
CP Moat - A 3CP attack/defense map taking place in a small, diverse farm town surrounded by a river.

A very work in progress map! Not much optimisation, and is still in a pre alpha state. However the map is indeed functional (for testing purposes) and is why I am posting it here. I will move it to an alpha stage once I have optimised it. Until then, this will do.

A 3CP attack/defense map taking place in a diverse river town. Point A surrounds the the fishing/transport docks in the middle of the town, and the main trade building.
Point B takes place in the farming and housing area, west of the river. There is lots of close range combat and indoor fights.
Point C is in the downtown city/industrial area. The roads, factories, offices, and warehouses make for some strategic urban brawls.


Party Time 2.0!
Jun 8, 2016
You still need lighting or else the map is considered unplayable for map tests.