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CP CP karsch A4

North pacific A/D CP

  1. DrSquishy

    aa DrSquishy ???

    Positive Ratings:
    ctf_karsch - An A/D CTF map by DrSquishy

    Karsch - an A/D CTF map inspired by Vector and HAARP

    This map is in alpha, so all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Custom content:
    *Shmitz's Intel Pedestal
    *Custom textures created by me
  2. Narpas

    aa Narpas Takes way to long to make and update maps

    Positive Ratings:
    I ran around the map a bit and found quite a few problems... The first thing that I noticed is that there is absolutely no clipping! Please remember to clip! Not just stairs, but also trims and the like. Another problem is that Blue can enter their forward spawn before they cap A, which could give them a huge unfair advantage when attacking A. Also close by A there are two minor visual hiccups; to the right when attacking as blue, in the same outdoors area, there is a large white patch with no pickups above it (which confused me); and in the hallway behind A, there's an extra lamp clipped inside another. The rightmost exit of Blue's first spawn also lacks a respawnroomvisuallizer, which could be quite bad. B also has a couple of problems, the most major of which is that you can capture the control point without the need of the flag, kinda destroying the point of the gamemode. The railings around the point itself also lack clipping, which might be as well, since it might be annoying to play around them in such a small space.
    On the design side of things, I feel the map is pretty bland; it just feels like a bunch of rooms thrown together, without any thought as to how players will play within them. It also feels very sterile detail-wise; I can't tell what anything is trying to be. It makes the whole map feel empty and lifeless. I also feel like the capture areas are pretty small, and neither seem all that interesting gameplay-wise. All in all, the map could definitely see a lot of improvement, and you'd probably be best thinking about the map and figuring out what you want from it before sending it off to get tested.
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  3. DrSquishy

    aa DrSquishy ???

    Positive Ratings:
    This update brings:
    *Remade last
    *Added a little more travel time to last from 1st
    *Fixed some broken logic regarding:
    • BLU's forward spawn door
    • Being able to cap on last without the flag
    *Moved RED's first spawn back
    *Added a structure around the point on 1st
    *Added some health and ammo around last and first
    *Edited cover slightly around first
    *Fixed missing visualiser on a BLU spawn
    *Added slowly opening doors on 1st's cap to give RED some time to defend
    *Added teleporting triggers so RED doesn't get stuck in spawn 1
    *Clipped all stairs
    *Fixed a sightline near BLU's first spawn
    *Moved RED's first spawn backwards so they don't go right on the point
    *Added a sign or two in front of RED's first point so the single exit is obvious
    *Fixed one or two minor issues
    *Probably some other stuff that I just forgot

    Screenshots will be updated when I can be bothered
    First is subject to being remade because I don't know if I'm happy with it at all

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  4. DrSquishy

    aa DrSquishy ???

    Positive Ratings:
    This update brings:
    *Added a healing + ammo regeneration effect around the flag to give importance to holding it and sticking near the flag holder
    *Added a push trigger atop the fence barricade near Blu's first spawn
    *Clipped fences outside Blu's first spawn correctly
    *Added signs indicating intel near the cap points, to hopefully remind people they need the flag to cap
    *Increased cap time of A to 8 seconds
    *Pushed back B and gave a bit more space around the large barricade-like structure
    *Widened said structure a bit
    *Added a medium pickup set and 3rd barricade next to last
    *Widened side route next to last, as well as made upper gantry accessible from side bridge.
    *Added a medium health and small ammo in said side route
    *Moved around side route things so more interesting to play on, and now not just a straight awful corridor
    *Rotated a door just out of Blu's first spawn to stop a large sightline
    *(Hopefully) fixed a spawn door sticking issue on last
    *Widened rightmost indented area next to last
    *Added some lights underneath the main gantry in the structure to clear up some shadows
    *And probably some more stuff that I've forgotten

    As always, all and any feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated!

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  5. DrSquishy

    aa DrSquishy ???

    Positive Ratings:
    This update brings:
    *Remade connector structure between BLU spawn and 1st
    -*Added a wide main path, instead of the corridor maze
    -* Some minor changes with it that I can't explain, most connect with the new main path
    *Remade 1st - now not a structure on the platform, but a platform flush with the ground
    *Extended open ground before 1st
    *Clipped some stairs better
    *Reduced the size of BLU's first spawn's spawndoors to stop constant spam
    *Added small steps aside the BLU spawn area's platforms so you don't need to jump
    *Added a new side path on last - a dropdown to beside the point for BLU
    *Removed huge, clunky wall at last, area now feels more open
    *Made platform at 1st slightly larger
    *Added a 2nd exit for RED onto the point
    *Added a barricade cover over RED's main spawn exit to stop sightlines and such blocking them in

    *Changed the gamemode to A/D CP, from A/D CTF
    And probably some other stuff I've forgotten

    Huge thanks to Idolon, Phi and everyone else who's tested it so far

    Screenshots will come later, once I'm happy with the general layout

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