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Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
CP Brooklynn2 - Urban Multi-stage Attack/Defend CP


Dustbowl-style urban multi-stage Attack/Defense Control Point map.

Through Railroad Express Delivery, RED controls the entire railway system of New Mann City! BLU's goal is to capture every control point to put an end to RED's monopoly.

This is Brooklynn's Definitive Edition. As a rather long 3 stages map which can go up to 20 mins in total if you cap fast enough, this is a like a Team Fortress campaign: use Ubercharges and Engineer nests to either push your way through town or defend every bit of your territory!

The whole map was rebuilt from the ground up to completely improve both the look and the gameplay. The changes include :
- extra areas in Stage 1 and 2 to give players more offensive and defensive options regarding these stages CPs
- improved details : the 3 stages being now separate, your game will not render any useless area. It allowed for the city to expand and have increased details everywhere
- brand new Stage 3. While the points' structures were kept quite similar, ways and look is completely new. Enjoy the new dynamic elements!

This map replaces the previous "Brooklynn" version. But for support and comparison purposes, the old one is still available to download.

Feel free to leave any feedback: appreciations, critics, ideas... The map, while being the closest to completion it has ever been, is still subject to changes based on your thoughts.

Bots are not included: the nav mesh generator does not seem to generate a proper mesh for the map, so you'll need one made by hand for bots to work, sorry :/ (as of dev1, bots are now supported).

Thank you for playing and enjoy your games!

Credits :
- Docteur Whoa : custom decals/textures
- Precipice Pack
- Frontline Content Pack
- Bullet Crops Content Pack
- Construction Content Pack
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Mar 31, 2012
Can't say how the map plays since I only ran around it by myself. I hope you hop into the discord and post it to be tested at some point. Here's some feedback I found so far:

-This container here is very odd. How did it even get in this thin concrete space, doesn't make sense.
-This is a very, very odd space. Seems like you'd fall down between the containers and wall but don't.
-z fighting issue in the corner with the trip brushes
-This hay-like texture here looks awful. Gotta be a better way to do this that isn't so ugly and strange.
-really odd rendering for that far off door in blu spawn here
-floating barrel
-not only could this arch use more angles, I can shoot stickies that hit the black wall at the end of it, which just looks wrong
-more z-fighting issues here when this door opens
-even more z-fighting
-Can't see these white sign overlays on the wall texture
-be sure to vary up how your stair textures are applied. Looks weird for them all to be exactly the same for each step
-smooth this door out with clipping
-I get this is a red spawn that blu takes over to use, but it's still weird to see the bit RED sign in it as blu team
-OK, so using hl2 textures in TF2 isn't a bad thing if done right, but this is rediculous
-How did this van get in here with the big step at the door. I get the garage feel you want for this room but put a ramp there or something. Also the Overgrown prop pack has some nice garage props that could help liven the place up a bit
-these counters go up to the demo's chin o_O
-Sad that there's no physics on these bottles and cans :(
-The reflections on this police car are too shiny
-can't say I'm a fan of how you use the manor theme for inside appartments. It clashes with the rest of the textures n stuff used throughout the map. There's gotta be a better way to get the same ideas across here.
-remove collision on tracks in play space
-This rubble displacement is horrendious. Again, there's gotta be a better way to do this that doesn't look so messy. I think maybe the frontline pack has some decent rubble props and textures idk
-smooth the clipping between the platform and hearse
-clip you stairs smooth
-these no build areas are kind of weird. Generally large areas like this where players aren't supposed to build are part of a spawn room. It just doesn't seem right to have rooms both teams can use that can't be built in.
-the collision model for this van causes hovering stickies
-ladder made of a texture in 2020? You can do better than that!
-It's very weird that this wall is blocked so it can't be jumped over. From this roof, it looks like it would be a simple crouch or explosive jump over the wall. I get not standing on it with the barb wire but nothing gives any reason why you can't jump over it
-I dunno about this spawn to capture zone set up. cp_foundry has something similar for it's final objective but it's not as bad as this looks like it would be to play. Blu could just bomb red as they run out of spawn and try to get out of the tunnels area making defending very, very difficult. I know there's another way out but with this being the most direct route to the point, I see most players wanting to use it for defending it
-again, this rubble displacement is very messy. You can do better
-the lighting in this map feels too bright. The way light bounces off the lighter textures causes many walls and areas to be kind of blinding when looked at for extended time.
-I'd suggest removing collision from this sign
-These blocks and truck full of barrels leave a lot to be desired and could be made much more interesting detail wise
-what happened to the textures on this building, they are all skewed o_O
-I'm a bit conflicted with these windows. While they don't fully hide stickies they do hide them enough that it COULD, potentially, be a problem. Maybe sink them into the wall so they don't stick out as much.
-There is but one way into the final objective of the whole map and that is horrible. While it does feel very dustbowly and that was a big inspiration for the maps design, it's not a good idea. Dustbowl is known by many to be a massive meat grinder and is mostly considered bad design for a modern TF2. There's more that can be done here to reduce the grind.
-It's very odd that I can jump on these crates to get as high as the top of the dump truck but can't get on the truck due to an invisible wall. Invisible walls make me sad
-Clip it smooth

That's all I got for now. Oh, I thought I'd suggest taking a look at FGD5's vehicle prop pack. This map uses vehicles a log and there's some good stuff in there that could help elevate reusing the same ones over and over again. Also you could find something to replace that hearse which looks out of place with the rest of the map to me.

Anyway, Be sure to add the map to a play-test through the tf2maps discord for testing, can't wait to see how it plays :D


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Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
Damn you really went for the detail hunt :D. Some of the situations were intentional, some others weren't and will be fixed. I'll be back a bit later to discuss the other stuff, that were intentional.
Thanks again for taking some of your time looking for all of that!

Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
Yeah seems I screwed up with something. Which is weird considering it's Hydro's base skybox.

Anyway, I'm working on saving on entities (since the stages are separated, so are the spawns/spawnpoints etc...), changing the "skyboxing" (so each stage is cut in substages in case it renders too many stuff at once. And some layout tweaks for some hard-to-push points like the very last one.So there will be an update soon-ish. In the meantime, I advise downloading the previous version with is rather close to that last one minus one extra way in Stage 1.

Back to alpha though. 95% details are ready anyway to add them back when that base map is locked.

Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
To make feedback easier for players, the map is rolling back to a dev version.


-Changed the way the map works : stages are no longer separated fully separated, spawns are shared between stages to save on entities.
-Added a bunch of portals/skybox/hint brushes. Unused stages are not rendered through closed areaportals.
-Changed Stage 1&2's RED's spawns looks

Overall : increased added time per capture to usually 5:00 from 4:30, 5.30 for Stage 2 Point B (to account for the spawn under Stage 3 Point A). To balance, clock is now limited : max. time 20:00.

-Minor changes to Stage 2 Point B
-Added a vent system to Stage 3 Point B to add an extra route for BLU to push for the point from the train tracks.
-Increased sound volumes around the track system, incoming trains are now more audible
-Added a camera to the train: if your spectating timing is right, watch your buddies/ennemies getting rolled on! Available only when the train is running.

Read the rest of this update entry...

Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
-Removed a door of the shack on B1 (Point B Stage 1)
-Closed the van on B1 for a coherent collision mesh
-Changed the way the doors for each spawn closes, not to confuse players on which doors are accessible
-Slightly altered A3 for testing purposes (may revert if the changes does not add value)
-Removed some useless custom textures not to add them in the BSP
-Corrected stuff here and there regarding some trigger sizes, and texture alignment

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Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
Major changes:

Overall :
_Reverted time added after a capture to 4:30 from 5:30 and 6:30 so BLU have some more pressure into capping the points, and to give RED some help. Clock still capped at 20mins.
_Fixed stuff here and there again.

Stage 2
_RED's second door now does not close anymore, but the locker still disappear after A's capture by BLU.

Stage 3
_Opened Point B to allow for BLU to use explosives to reach for RED's defenses, and to give them a better chance at capping it (still use your übers and teleporters to push, dudes).
_Removed a RED base's door because it was easily abused by a Heavy/Medic to make the bridge impossible to cross
_Changed the vents so it becomes a second attack route that is somewhat viable (I hope, tests will tell) and give the attackers the upperhand (RED can get inside still). Nobuilds inside.
_Added a small place in the canal section to put buildings for defenders.

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Apr 6, 2018
It's still possible to get under ramps and stairs near the BLU spawn in the first zone and build there. You can also still stand on telephone poles.

Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017
Due to some sightlines and pacing issue, I'm "rebooting" the map once again.

Because of its large size, the map will be submitted for testing stage-by-stage, and once Stage 1 is good enough, Stage 2 will be added, and etc as an add-on.

Goal : Globally reduce the map's size and the layout complexity while keeping the core goals of the map : large streets, tight alleys, vertical fights between roofs/catwalks and the ground, and a hazardous train, all in an urban setting.

Currently, this is the simplified Stage1 A1.
Major changes :
_In order to simplify the layout, some flanks got closed to concentrate the fights
_The alley between A and B got curved to break snipers dominance
_Packs have been resized to grant more ammo and health. We will see what is the result to that.

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Docteur Whoa

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Jul 5, 2017

_Removed BLU vehicle near A to clear the street and make up space for fights
_Moved yellow truck near BLU base so RED to make way for the ramp
_Added some crates on A for cover
_Opened up the garage on A to make space for defense
_Moved the kits around the RED vehicle on A to the garage, and increased their size

_Changed the normal door in the appartments to something different than the one way door
_Added signs in the alley, and near B.

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