CP 2fort

CP CP 2fort V1

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Scouter Egg

L1: Registered
Apr 6, 2018
CP 2fort - I don't own 2fort, but I do own the 2 brushes I added for the courtyard control points.

If it can be a plr map then why not a 5CP map? THE POSSIBILITY'S ARE ENDLESS.


Aug 6, 2014
I've seen this exact same concept done the exact same way done on this site multiple times, and after 5 minutes of research I also found it in at least 5 variations on TF2stats and 4 variations on the steam workshop. And I guarantee that there are far more of these that I don't know about.


Okay, but seriously, I'm gonna tell you what I tell everyone else who does this sorta thing- leave it on the steam workshop, because that's fairly inconsequential. But TF2maps is meant for people who want to learn about mapping and critically analyze the design of maps. Sure we'll have some fun with some meme maps every now and again, but most of us look at this kinda thing with feelings that range from disappointment to complete contempt. Just keep that in mind moving forward.


(*single chuckle*)
Apr 10, 2014
...Honestly? I'd rather see an RD or PD version of 2fort than another CP edit.

Plus, Last being in the center of the flag room (instead of exactly where the flag used to be) is a bad idea imo.