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    Hello, I’m new here and this is my first map I ‘m going to release. The map I made is an arena map, called courtyard. The map is currently in alpha, so don’t look to the textures I used, I now want to test how it plays. It could be too sniperfriendly, but I first want to test it ingame.

    All good feedback is welcome, since this is my very first map, it would be very useful.

    Now, not about the map, but somebody of you maybe know Mr. Hanz, and maybe a few of you know he has a brother, well that’s me. I now sometimes test my map on his account, but since the game and the mapping is really interesting me, I’m going to buy the game myself so it will be easier to make my map.. :)
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    Well, when I look at it the first thing I think is that it looks a little "closed" for an arena map. Arena maps are useally open and allows people to battle directly, and not just snipe each other. Also, that health pack might be a little too tricky to get.

    But we'll have to play it to judge it! Grats on releasing your first map :)
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    Indeed it looks a little 'closed', and also one of my previous releases is called arena_courtyard :p

    Pretty sure I uplaoded it onto this site, but congrats nontheless.
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    The healthpack on a stick is just stupid. The stick shuold not be allowed to disobey the laws of physics.