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    ok, it took me 6 years, 4 buckets of paint, hammer, a sandvich, 30 packets of millions and a toothbrush
    but i finaly made that which vlave never botherd to put in there engine.
    i created digits with a trigger that when hit would add 1 to the digit. and keepgoing into 10s 100s and infinity.

    i did this using a load of counters, 2 relays and a case but it all works and turns the individual parts of the digit on and off to create the numbers (using brushes)

    i obviously utilised this in my pacman map which i am still working on.

    any comments on wether this is usfull or not would be apreciated
    F.Y.I. this will work in all HL2 mods, you just need to change the digit texture.
    download from and plaese rate for me.
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    hehe nice :D reminds me of those scrolling billboards in UT that displayed the best player's name.