Correct order for cubemaping and packing custom content

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    Just a quick question: When building cubemaps and packing custom content, does it matter which you do first, and if so which order should you do them in?

    I've been compiling using BspZip, then packing with VIDE, then building cubemaps - is that right?
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    I don't think it matters that much as building cubemaps packs it into the BSP anyway. Pakrat I think won't let you pack if there are no cubemaps but I don't think there's anything actually wrong with it.
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    Both cubemaps and custom content get packed into the same place in the BSP. It doesn't matter which order you do it as long as they both end up inside it.

    I'll add though with steampipe's multiple content directories, you need to make sure you are having the right BSP used. If you have your compiled map put in tf\maps then you don't need to worry. Personally I have them go into my own folder inside custom, but after building cubemaps the game writes the new BSP (it doesn't edit the original, it writes a new one) into tf\maps. I feel like I am rambling about stuff only I use so...
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    I have had a couple incidents where VIDE corrupts a bsp after multiple passes of saving/deleting anything. Like it completely messes up its internal data ordering and puts the data from a vtf with the name of the particles manifest.

    So there is that to keep in mind.
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    It does keep a .bsp.backup file though next to your packed bsp (which you just change to a .bsp and it functions exactly the same as the pre-packed bsp file)