CP copperhead b2e

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im birb
Apr 14, 2009
Going to remake an old map of mine. I have plans on how I want this to turn out. Going to keep some stuff from the old map, but most will probably be different. The general idea will still be there though!

I'm thinking that the map will look a bit like HL2EP2 once it's completed
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TODO: Clever title
Oct 15, 2009


Can build in both red and blue spawns.


im birb
Apr 14, 2009
alright i got good stuff from that test

-make long hallway a 1 way door
-2nd point needs a flanking route or something more safe
-gonna make the thin ramps at 2nd have nothing under it, sentries were evil under there

i also have stage 3 planned out and i guess i should start working on s2

everyone thank selentic for helping me, heres some of his idears
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Boomer by Sleep
May 4, 2010
While playing the map i noticed that blue kept steamrolling red every round, this is probably because most of the time attackers get almost all height difference, you should add more height difference for defenders.
Also, second point felt bit cramped.


L4: Comfortable Member
Nov 27, 2009
A few things I noticed from testing today:
I really love the first point,
The second point should cap less quickly and/or be more transparent, if your not looking at your hud the moment it starts capping then you might miss your chance to defend. I also think that player should be able to see in there, some windows would be nice.
In both of the rounds we played 2nd didn't get capped witch is a bit concerning, I think it might be because of the big hill you use for the main route to get up to where you enter the point, but it may have just been the teams causing this imbalance, just something to keep an eye on.

If you want my ideas for the layout here you go :take them with a grain of salt:



L5: Dapper Member
Dec 18, 2010
The balance felt really good when we tested it yesterday on the Cafe; on one round BLU won with less than a minute remaining. First point was excellent, second point I think might be better if there was one route where BLU could group together more easily. Currently, it seemed like the paths tended to split up BLU as we were trying to attack so it was more difficult to get a coordinated effort, but this may just be me being bad at TF2, so don't take this too seriously.

More signs for RED getting to the first point might also be good.


The Kwisatz Haderach
Dec 22, 2008
Ok so I did some walk times with dustbowl benchmark, walking from spawn locations to each point as a soldier, for both teams, shortest possible distances. Here are the interesting results:

*Dustbowl, stage 1, cap A = 12 seconds for blu, 20 seconds for red
*Copperhead, stage 1, cap A = 14 seconds for blu, 26 seconds for red

*Dustbowl, stage 1, cap B = 24 seconds for blu, 10 seconds for red
*Copperhead, stage 1, cap B = 30 seconds for blu, 8 seconds for red

*Dustbowl, stage 2, cap A = 15 seconds for blu, 24 seconds for red
*Copperhead, stage 2, cap A = 15 seconds for blu, 22 seconds for red

*Dustbowl, stage 2, cap B = 27 seconds for blu, 6 seconds for red
*Copperhead, stage 2, cap B = 30 seconds for blu, 7 seconds for red

From this I think you're right on the money, and more so, because I think it's good that your stage 1, cap B is better than dustbowl's because it is 6 seconds longer--meaning there's less steam-rolly-ness associated, something I always was never a fan of in Dustbowl, stage 1, cap B.