Converting Maps into Obj or Dae files with Textures

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Oct 8, 2017
Hey, so I'd like to convert some maps into Obj or Dae files. So far I've successfully gotten bsp into vmf, and somewhat gotten vmf into dxf, which 3ds Max can open, but without textures. I've tried Nem's Crafty tool, but that didn't export textures. I tried this tool by Zachary Blystone which was a tool for Hammer I think, it converted vmf to zfbx. I couldn't get it to work though.

So do you guys have some advice? It has been done before, as seen here. Any feedback is handy, so thank you in advance.


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Nov 14, 2009
I've actually used it as a substitute for Propper, to import world geometry and then export it into models. Sadly it seems to be missing an "automatically remove faces textured in nodraw" feature, so I had to handle that manually.