Control Point Race?

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    I'm making a terrible map that will suck and fail and look bad and play bad.
    I want to make it like a competition map, blue and red both have obstacle courses to complete, and they cant disturb each other, whoever gets to the end first wins the round, and it resets.
    However... I can only make a control point for 1 team to capture...
    Is it possible I can have a cp for each team to cap?
    Or should I bend my map and make it so there is 1 cp but each team is accessible to it.

    Different Subject: How the hell do you make no limit for team size in arena mode?
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    I'm not exactly sure where your problem lies... of course you can make a CP for both? If your problem is them not winning because there is the other CP they don't own, that can be solved several ways. SetWinner input to the t_c_p_master. SetOwner input to the opposite control point when their own is captured. Having a unique Group Index on the two CPs (victory is determined on a per-group basis, own all in a group and you win).

    Arena limits are a server setting.