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Control Point problem

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Flambe, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Couldn't really sum it up in the title. And I've only had a quick look on the forum for this since I doubt anyone else has come across this (sorry if they have and I'm just being too lazy to look for it properly).

    Basically I'm trying to make a prototype map of a new concept which I thought up involving control points. I don't think it's been done yet. I don't think how it works is important to the topic yet but if you want to know I'll try and explain (but probably fail).

    I'm trying to set up two control points, both neutral to start. One will start unlocked (cp1) while the other locked (cp2) . Once cp1 has been captured by either team, cp2 will be unlocked to both teams.
    The problem I'm facing is that unless cp2 has a previously required control point, it is locked no matter who captures the first point. But if I set it to itself, it doesn't appear locked on the HUD even if it is (when cp1 hasn't been captured yet). And if I set previously required control point to cp1 then only team that captured cp1 will be able to capture cp2.

    Does that make sense?
    Thanks in advance if you can help!

    Edit: The prototype actually seems to be working from my testing, this problem is only affecting the HUD. Still annoying though as it either breaks the game or makes players think all control points are available.

    Edit 2: Managed to get it working by using hidden team_control points which were attached to the next control point and controlled by the previous. If that makes sense.
    I suppose the WiP topic would be the best place to show my prototype cp gamemode thing?
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