KotH Construct A1

A construction site in Midtown Manhattan.

  1. Smitty #1

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    Construct - A construction site in Midtown Manhattan.

    Welcome to koth_construct

    This is my first map, it's a small King of the hill map set on a construction site in Midtown Manhattan (just use your imagination for now because it's still an alpha).
  2. Box Of Paper

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    I've played with bots and gotta say, I had fun, It's a really good first map.
    I'd like to write some notes, with pictures:

    Spawn Room:
    You should always strive for spawn rooms which lead to diffrent paths, so that spawncamping becomes impossible, and players can reach more easily diffrent areas of the map (thus leading to some additional strategy play which is always nice).

    As you can see from the above picture there are 3 spawn points that are green, that means that they don't work, that's because they clip into the prop.
    As for the demoman he is there just to show that the spawnpoint becomes green when something is obstructing it.

    Two Story Building:
    Nothing negative here, apart from the lack of use by the bots it works really well for spies as a way to reach behind the enemy, and also for an alternative route to reach the control point.

    I know I shouldn't complain about details in an alpha state, but here they are anyway:
    The gate should have a "No entry" sign telling the player that they can't go back once entered.
    Also some stairs have a weird first step.
    The clips on these stairs.
    Well this is actually not important, but in the rare occasions that a bot goes there it fails to get out the window, so maybe turning one of the windows into a door would fix the problem.

    Some ideas:
    A good Demoman here would kill the fun, but no worries, you can always pull a 2Fort!
    2Fort it's notorious for spawncamping:
    Especially here 2Fort.png
    But the fix to such problem was to create 2 spawn rooms:

    As I mentioned before, bots rarely go in the two story building, so here my suggestion to kill two pidgeons with one stone:
    Creating a spawn room is hella annoying, I know, but this way not only the building becomes a bit more practical, but it also makes spawncamping impossible.
  3. Smitty #1

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    I'm happy that you had fun on my map and I really appreciate your feedback. And here are my responses to your notes

    Spawn Room:
    I'm fully aware of this problem, but I still have PTSD from trying to redesign my Spawn Rooms in the past. (It broke my map so badly that I had to go back to an old save file of Construct.

    FIXED! (but only in a2)

    Two-story building:
    Bots are stupid and only play-testing with bots won't get a mapper very far. But I have a problem, every time I compile my map I think to my self: "Ok, you are going to walk around your map, look for any problems, memorize these problems, disconnect from the server and then fix these problems." But every time I take a quick look into my console and then I just can't resist. I type tf_bot_add 16 and I have a shit-ton of fun for the next half hour only to forget most of my maps problems! I JUST CAN'T CONTROLE MY SELF, IM JUST HAVING TO MUCH WITH BOTS!!!

    Gate not having a no_entry sign:
    Yeah, I should probably do that.

    Clipping on stairs:
    I'll look into that.

    Turning one of the windows into a door:
    I did that and I think it looks better than before.

    Adding a second spawn room:
    Only play-testing will tell if that would be a good idea. I honestly don't know.