Conduit A6

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Conduit - Fight over pipelines in the scorching heat!

This probably sucks.

Alpha I - 5/8/17 (initial release, 72HR Jam)
Alpha II - 6/8/17 (72HR Jam)
Alpha IIIB - 4/11/17 (post-birthday frenzy)
Alpha IVA - 7/11/17
Alpha IVB - 8/11/17
Alpha V - 12/11/17
Alpha VA - 12/11/17
Alpha VB - 12/11/17
Alpha VI - 9/12/17
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The Bran Man

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Jul 29, 2017
Hey Nice


Alpha 2 has been released! Download it here!
- the map has been lengthened and widened
- the small health pack at the point has been removed
- cover has been placed/modified on the lefthand side
- pipes were replaced/modified to be a 2/3 ratio instead of 1/1
- a sixteenth spawnpoint for each team has been placed
- added observer cameras
- other minor tweaks were made
- some small details were added

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Alpha 3B has been released - after three months and two unreleased versions)! Download it here!
- the map has been completely remade, breaking the linear nature seen in prior versions
- all detail sprites (and displaced displacements) have been removed
- nobuilds have been thrown down
- health packs are above blue overlays
- ammo packs are above red overlays
Concerns/future things include:
- the spawn yard is extremely flat
- there are some questionable sightlines, a few were tighten up during development
- possible spots for more nobuilds
- the doors near the point might be awkward
- the dropdown forces players to stay in the low ground
- lighting will be cleaned up
- flickering brushes will be fixed eventually
- the capture time is still at 11 seconds
- future optimisation
- spectator cameras will be readded
- soundscapes will be added
Huge thanks to @KubeKing with supplying an old VMF that was modified into the yard. I'll bring back those gorgeous displacements soon.

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Alpha A4A has been released!
- remade most of middle to be larger, now has a Gullywash-like point
- remade balcony to make it square, connecting it to IT
- added a small health and medium ammo to middle near main
- added a plank from IT to rock
- removed the ammo near balcony
- condensed platform

Yard-to-Middle Connector
- removed shutter in main and rerouted it using a jog
-widened hall
- added route connecting to hall, allowing for a contest of the area
- added a second window in hall
- added medium ammo in hall
- condensed right room
- cleaned up pipe ramp in right room

- condensed yard
- cleaned up pipe ramp in yard
- cleaned up the area under bridge
- added a pipe across main

- shifted spawn-to-yard doors
- raised spam door
- moved right side back
- added a barrier to protect the right door
- lit up dropdown a little better

- condensed spawn yard
- removed barrier in spawn yard
- removed a resupply locker
- spaced out player spawns
- cleaned up the room


- raised skybox (to 1280 from 768 units)
- added a darker texture to the lower sections of buildings
- fixed glass texture
- fixed hazard stripe texture
- added more cubemaps
- added/fixed overlays
- cleaned up props
- added another set of areaportals and added some hints
- added spectator camera
- played with some visual elements
Concerns/future things include:
- middle point design (Is it effective?)
- openness of middle
- quesitonable sightlines
- adding pipes down middle (the actual point of the map)
- general prop fades
- add soundscapes
- add more spectator cameras
- displace displacements
- add props to go with lights
- optimising a few more areas (things are a bit more stable than A3B)

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Alpha A5 has been released!
- reworked all spawn-to-yard transitions to break sightlines removed spam door
- reworked all yard-to-middle transitions to play with different heights and remove the angled section
- removed pipe from yard
- remade middle to add more depth to the space while condensing it removed windows
- moved the medium ammo and small health on middle to the sides
If things are better gameplay-wise, I'll clean up some brushwork, start displacing the displacements, add soundscapes, and readd spectator cameras. I greatly dislike the janky buildings at middle and feel as though the point goes back to a linear map feeling.

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20 crashes and counting
Jul 10, 2017
Love the (I think its called) trimming in this map. But why is it in non-standard maps? (or am I just stupid)