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    This is my first map ever, I have been learning more and more about Hammer along with the development. I've been taking my time for the past 3 weeks or so working on it and I think it is ready for some feedback and playtesting.

    Concerns/Feedback received so far:
    -The map is too big: I like to keep saying that it is around the size of Sawmill, but it probably isn't. I understand that there might be too much vertical height and I will have to find a solution to that.
    -The map is too scout/sniper friendly: From the one playtest I have done so far I have to agree, being that map looks epicly huge people tend to play Scout to get to places faster, or Sniper for long range pickings.
    -Needs more interiors: I possibly agree with this, as adding more interiors will overall make the map seem smaller (or actually bigger depending on how I do it) as well as provide more cover.
    -Make the map CP or CTF: I don't know about CP, but if I expand the map a bit it might actually work as a CTF map.

    Known Problems:
    -Two overlays got cut off because I clipped a brush and forgot about it
    -Texture problems here and there
    -Lighting may be too dark, or too bright in some areas

    Changes to come:
    -Displacements will be more refined and less cubey
    -I'm probably gonna add more fences and other sorts of cover if people so demand it.
    -Add hints, areaportals, etc. Because the only type optimization I have done so far are func_detailing
    -More details and props

    "Story to the map":
    Arena Concord pits RED and BLU against each other at an abandoned facility built high above and in a chasm. Rumors has it that this abandoned facility was once where RED and BLU conducted experiments together peacefully. But now, this abandoned test zone has become a warzone for what once were two groups in concordance.

    Screenies of past versions:
    If anyone is interested, I have a photobucket containing images from the maps alpha days (though it was named differently and labeled beta, but don't mind that) as well as beta 1 and 2.

    Alpha days:

    Beta 1 and 2 days

    My Steam Community

    Constructive criticism, as well as questions will be appreciated :) Thank you for your time.
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    So far from what i see from the pics and your own constructive criticism, your on the right track. The level design looks enjoyable with your series of catwalks and interior/exterior areas. Also dont forget you might want to check out environmental rain towards the end of your map which would finish the mountain-y/sawmill effect.
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    Looks Great, good starter map too. looks fun too