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    I was recently thinking about some of my favorite maps from some older FPSs. I remembered one of my favorite types of maps from Quake 3. They were the maps that were bascially floating platforms in a big black void. I always found the game play on those maps quite interesting and enjoyable, and I'm wondering how that concept would translate over to TF2.

    Obviously I would avoid having things like jump boosters and moving platforms (maybe) and most definately make things less sniper friendly. I think it may work out pretty well in terms of style and game play. CTF would definately work out well and it could prove add some interesting game play to a CP map, I feel anyway.

    One of the main reasons I'm interested in making a map like this is because all my other map ideas have proven to be a bit to far out of my current ablity and I think a map like this may help improve my skills.

    So what do you guys think?
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    I think anything is transferable to the TF2 style.

    Instead of voids what about caverns that you die when you fall to the bottom of?

    Moving platforms could easily be justified by having it serve some function, say in a factory assembly line or something.

    Anything is justifiable when you put your mind to it :D. But yeah with some modifications to layout, and some thought I think you could easily translate it over... I just don't know how fun it would be because quake 3 sucked balls :laugh: