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    This might sound dumb but I think it could work if it were done right.

    I know Mangy made a map where there was one intel (Aurora) and when one team dropped it, the other team could pick it up and cap in the opponent's base.

    Why not expand on this a bit and make a 5cp map revolved around capping the intel in the other teams base?

    Imagine badlands with a middle point and an intel in the middle underneath the bridge. The fight would be to grab the intel, stay alive with it, and bring it to the top uncontested.

    Once you capped mid with it, it'd reset to your forward spawn after say 5-10 seconds to allow the other team to respawn and bring in another fight. Then when you died the other team could pick it up and try to cap or sit with it until they got an uber.
    The HUD would tell you where the intel was at all times to prevent you from being "ninja'ed."

    I think it'd add a new dynamic style to 5cp gameplay. I dont want this done with badlands just using it as an example. Obviously it'd need some way to make it so the intel cant be brought backwards past a certain point to prevent turtling with it but it seems ok. I think Mangy also addressed it in Aurora ctf.

    The good thing about this is your medic wouldnt just be allowed to stay with it because you can't uber with the intel on you and giving it to someone else would force them to be the new target of interest

    Thoughts? I dont think I'm too crazy with this =P
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    Probably will work and be quite nice althugh making maps balanced for this would be quite difficult.
    Sorry though i cannot think of how to make it work unless im under really bad pressure.

    EDIT: Figured it out you'd have to tell the capture zone to disable itself after cap and then enable the next one on.
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    This would be set out like so:

    X x (intel) x X

    So if blue captures red's little x, then for red to gain that back, they'd have to pass blue's newly controlled point, get the intel, and fall back with it, right?
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    I thought of this as well but decided against it because I find adding the intel just makes a gamemode more frustrating. I'm looking at you A/D CTF. Nothing more annoying then breaking through a defence to think, "Err...nobody has the flag?".