Complex question... lopsided map design...

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    Hi everyone...

    So I spent many months... working on this map... on and off...

    You can see some screenshots here: but really the map is a lot better than you can see from those screenshots... I put so many interesting things in there... spiders that bite you... a gravestone in a pit so when you die it just says "RIP" next to your dead body... (people always find that one funny) etc etc...

    The actual map layout was designed listening to valve's advice of having multiple attack routes... places to hide and generally make it strategically interesting. Also there's a GIANT SPIRAL in the map... which I hope will make new strategies possible?? I don't know... maybe it just wont....

    Anyhow... so I have a problem.

    I originally made the map too big. It was a mirrored ctf map. So I deleted half... so now it's half of the mirror. I lost no content sure... but... now what?

    One team has a great base for defending...

    The other team doesn't really have anywhere to defend.

    I'm not sure what to do...


    I think it would REALLY help if someone experienced and good at making cool maps but also good at... "Thinking outside the box"... had a look at my map... see if there is any good answers.


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    Lopsided CTF maps could work, but both halves would have to be balanced - if one side is missing anywhere to defend, it won't be. If you want feedback, just put your map up here for people to download, run around, etc. Once you feel it's not hideously imbalanced (or before :p) either put it into a gameday ( or hang around in steam chat and wait for an impromptu :D
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    There's an attack/defense CTF map called Infiltration; literally only RED has a flag and BLU is tasked with stealing it. It turned out to be pretty fun. You might want to look into that if you actually took a large CTF map and deleted one half.
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    Eek, only hl2 textures too, thats evil.

    When looking for textures, type in "tf" under the search parameters, so you get tf2 textures.
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    Is it possible at all... to have a lopsided CTF map? Or... are there gamemodes that work lopsided (other than PL)?
    Every gamemode works asymmetrical. You just have to balance each side so neither team has a huge advantage over the other.