Compiling Models Post-Steampipe

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    Hey all,

    T'was requested that I write this guide on how I compile my models post-steampipe. It won't be long, and I'll try to make it as clear as possible.

    To compile my models, I use GUI Studio Model. It's quite simply to setup.

    Once downloaded, place it where you wish. When you first open it up, it should prompt you that your tool paths aren't set up.

    Head to the config menu and select "set orange box tools path." You'll want to navigate to your Team Fortress 2/Bin directiory. It's the one where the new hammer is located. For me, it's;

    D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
    Once you've done that, you need a model.

    I won't cover how to go over making a model; there are thousands of tutorials on the internet. You'll need to export it as a .smd. I use 3ds max, I know there's an exporter for that, and I'm sure there's one for blender and maya too.

    As for the texture, make sure the material you have on your model references to a bitmap with the name of the VMT you'll use. The format of that bitmap doesn't matter. For me, I use a basic diffuse material. The compiler will encode this into the model, which is what the game will look for in your materials/ directory for.

    I personally prefer to export it to a wip folder; so "tf/models/props_custom/wip/" for example.

    Once you've got that, you need a qc file. I'll use my most recent model, the ship Imade for my pacific map.

    $staticprop // This means it will be usable as a static prop
    $modelname "props_pacific\ship01"  // this is where the model will be saved and under what name
    $model "body" "ship01.smd" // this is the .smd you exported earlier
    $cdmaterials "models\props_pacific\"  // this is the texture directiory, relative to materials/
    $surfaceprop "wood"  // what material it's made from (for footsteps, bullet decals)
    $sequence idle "ship01.smd" loop fps 10.00  // default animation (every model needs one) 
    That's the basics of your qc file, make sure you replace ship01 with what your model is, as well as the directory.

    Once you have your qc file, pop that in the wip folder with your smd. If they're together, then you'll have less trouble.

    Open GUIStudioModel again, and go File > Load QC file. Navigate to your wip folder and select your qc file. You shouldn't need to change any of the settings, just make sure Orangebox is selected for the SDK version (It will revert to ep1 every time you reopen guistudiomodel), and Team Fortress 2 is selected in the mods dropdown. Hit compile, and if you've done everything right your model should appear in the directory you set, and be able to found with hammer.

    Make sure you put your .vmt into the location you set with $cdmaterials and make sure the name is what you set as your material in your modelling program.

    If I missed something, or if you have any questions, pop 'em below.
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    As A Blender user, I can confirm that there is an smd exporter. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to even get the simplest of animations to work.

    also thanks for the writeup.
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    I should probably put my newfound basic modeling ability to use.

    But goddamn UDK's asset pipeline has spoiled me.
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    Any advice on how to get my model to show up Hammer/in-game? I'm having a little trouble.

    edit: I am retarded. sv_pure 2 :(
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    ETA im dumb, new question

    Trying to get a spin animation to actually, you know, spin. I have an idle.smd and a spin.smd, but i can't get the spin to work. here's what I've got in my qc right now:

    $staticprop //
    $modelname "props_meleefort\belt" //
    $model "body" "belt.smd" //
    $cdmaterials "models\props_meleefort\"
    $surfaceprop "plastic"

    $sequence idle "idle.smd" loop fps 10.00 // default animation (every model needs one)

    $sequence spin "spin.smd" loop fps 10.00{
    $animation "spin.smd"

    Also: The textures I have are all in png format. How do I convert these to VMT/VTF so that the model can still use them?
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