CompilePal Crash?

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F1 Fan
Aug 18, 2015
hey, so im compiling my map, and its been saying 9... for a very long time now, did it crash?
Mar 23, 2013
Please, use something like puush or ShareX to quickly and easy upload proper screenshots instead of making a photo of your screen, ya goof.

Nice D drive name btw.

So Hammer probably just has a hard time calculating your level. Do you know about optimization? If not read through these helpful articles:

A badly optimized level will give vvis hell of a time to calculate and may take hours to compleete. Also there appears to be an error at the vvis compile "qhull precision error" now iirc this error can be harmless but when your compile takes ages then this could be the cause of it. The error can be caused be a super flat brush or a gap between brushes that is also very narrow. This is often caused by working with world brushes without snap-to-grid, or perhaps just a too small grid size.

So, if your level isn't optimized, then it's probably the cause. If it is, look for strange brushes, and if you can't find it, and no errors with alt+P you can try using the cordon tool to compiel parts of your map.
My money is on optimization though


Sep 23, 2011
It's vvis that is having a hard time. Hammer is just the editor. And it's vbsp that has the qhull message.
Mar 23, 2013
The qhull error can be connected to the unoptimization though so it might be worth fixing. But sometimes its harmless I think.