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    As geniuses go, Isaac Newton is probably the top-rated genius of all time. He didn't just invent motion and gravity—when the crappy math of his day wasn't getting the job done, he took an afternoon off and invented calculus like a champ.

    But then instead of telling anybody he invented calculus, he hung out in his pajamas making immortality potions and looking for the lost city of Atlantis, and somebody else invented calculus first. What we're saying is, for a genius, Isaac Newton was kind of an idiot.

    So it was nice to watch some real geniuses (the TF2 community) waste no time at all submitting your brilliant inventions to the TF2 Merchandise Workshop. Not even a month after we announced the Merchandise Workshop existed, there are already top-voted community designs currently on sale at WeLoveFine, with plenty more great stuff on the way.

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    Spycrab plush.

    I am now dead.
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    Those red/blue logo shirts look awful. A square logo of that size doesn't belong front and center on a shirt... that is more back side material. and/or a smaller one over the heart. Especially since they are like "corporate" shirts... which always follow such conventions.
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    Not to mention that they're literally just the original textures ripped from the game. It doesn't make sense to have a weathered, painted logo on a shirt. Is someone getting money for "making" these?
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    No, it looks like those shirts are Valve. Some of them have "Steam Workshop" in the corner, those bad ones at the top of the list do not.