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    There's one sentence in this post that caught my eye:

    If you're firing up your email right now to tell us that we never get anything right, please include suggestions of what map(s) we should be looking at next.

    While I think Valve does a lot right, I still fired up my email and sent them links to the following maps on FPSBanana, along with a brief description of why each is good and what would need to be fixed/updated for an official release:

    cp_boulder, pl_hoodoo, cp_egypt, tc_meridian, dom_canalzone, ctf_escherhaus, and vilepickle's CTF maps. I actually got a response back from Robin (or his secretary ;)) saying thanks and that they'll look each one over, so that's pretty cool.

    Anyway, this is probably an excellent time to email them with your suggestions since they'll be starting to plan the next release within the next 2 weeks. I'd recommend including a couple varieties of maps in case they're thinking of including a specific type, but don't go overboard with recommending every decent custom out there.

    Here's the format I used in case anyone wants to duplicate it:
    Including links to the map is definitely a bonus, since they can quickly go and be impressed with the screenshots. And here's the email address you're looking for:
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    Thanks for the encouragement, I'll definitely mail Robin/his secretary now.