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    I know that valve releases a community map pack every couple months. However this doesn't seem like what a community map pack should be. I think a community map pack should be maps chosen by the community, not by the developer.

    This came about cause when talking to some people, there are two things that stick out. One people say they don't like customs, because there only real acquaintance with customs are valves map choices. Which they don't seem to like, and to be frank a lot of these maps aren't my top choices. Secondly they hate having to download maps on rotation servers.

    If we created a map pack, that a person can download once, and have a set of maps. This may help out the custom community. There may be a server mod that can be made via sourcemod, to download it as one bz2, and unarchive. Much like the pk3 files of the other quake 3 engines.

    My thoughts are this, at most 10 maps a game pack. Keep the size 500MB or under. The maps must be playable in some form. Be textured, and detailed some what. The map pack will be rolling release by this I mean, there will be a set of maps, however the archive will update as new versions come along.

    As an example

    Once at least 4 of these maps are updated a new version will be release

    So forth and so on.

    The first signifies the map pack version, each version will have a different set of maps. The second X signifies revision number.

    The maps will either be chosen like the pl contest, or a survey that would be locked after a duration.

    I'm not saying each month we release a map pack, i don't think a set duration is needed. As to mirrors I can provide two right now probably 4 over the weekend.

    I know there was an old poll floating around that would be a good start.

    Thoughts on this.
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    I think the Scout pack has us a tad busy. But the idea is good. I think the release date needs to be set in stone thou maybe every 2 months. We call the TF2MapsCommunityPack, incl a readme stating who we are ( that they should join us and help make maps and we are the best.