KotH Colonial A1

forget the Moon, this one's on Mars!

  1. iiboharz

    aa iiboharz eternally tired

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    Colonial - forget the Moon, this one's on Mars!

    Hey guys! I haven't mapped in a while and suddenly had a burst of inspiration!

    This map's probably a little rough around the edges, and I'm not the biggest fan of mapping for koth, or most symmetrical gamemodes for that matter. I just wanted to play around with the idea of a colony on Mars.

    Aesthetics are very WIP, I didn't want to waste time detailing something that wouldn't work/turn out very good.
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  2. BigfootBeto

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    I think it would be funny if there were a bunch of posters and stuff that would indicate that you were on Mars, but really it's just the desert theme. It would be area 51 or something where the mercs got brainwashed into thinking they were on Mars (the soldier especially).

    Anyway, looks neat.
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