KotH Coil a2

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L5: Dapper Member
Oct 12, 2015
Looks promising. Kind of small,with a couple of pretty narrowed stairs,but it looks good.


The stairs you can perfectly see on spawn.


The stairs that leads to middle point.

Maybe that EMP will disable all the engineer buildings on the mid point for like 10-12 seconds? Or simply destroy them with a good chunk of damage (that can hurt everyone who's not inside the coil or out of the range... maybe insta-kill 125 HP units?

And how about a third exit for the spawn? A demo can easily respawnkill there.


And I don't get this place... Specially the health/ammo. They can be easily missed if you're in a rush. At least make the room a liiiiiiitle bit smaller and align the wall with the rest of the room?


And yeah... That's it for now,I guess. Keep up the good work.