PL Coffintower A3

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Feb 19, 2015
Clocktower - Now with more coffins!

Clocktower is a Multi-Stage Payload map originally made for the 72hr Summer Mapping contest. After getting mixed results I went back to Clocktower and fixed (most) of the flaws such as the abusable sighlines and cramped cart paths.

The last point still needs work but I hope it's a step in the right direction.

All Feedback, both Positive and Negative are welcomed. Thank You.

Full Change Log : ALPHA 2

- Widen the track route in general
- Added a clock to the clocktower

- Added a small ammo pack in the library
- Changed the old "Orange Ramp Room"
- Lowered the Sniper Window on the Stage1 last point.
- Added A Second Exit for red's first spawn

- Changed layout and look at the building next to the Stage 2 first point.
- Added route through the shipping container next to blu's second spawn.
- Gave Engies more ammo on the round 2 last point (Thanks Egan!)
- Added a 1-way door next to red's second spawn
- Removed box jump on Stage 2 last

- Fixed Red getting in to Blu spawn
- Added more arrows for both Red and Blu
- Added a Second door for Red's last spawn
- Made it so Red can get into their last spawn
- Added a "shack" to the window at last
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Nov 2, 2015
Looks amazing! I'll be downloading it this weekend for sure :) Looks a bit blocky, though. Great so far man!!


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Feb 19, 2015
Clocktower A3 focuses mostly on the second stage to make it more interesting and hopefully fun to play.

Full Change Log: ALPHA 3
- Added more func_details
- Fixed some texture issues
- Textured some visible NoDraws
- Added more clipping

- Rotated one of the building for a Blu sniper sight line for the first point
- Changed layout of the library
- Shorten the wall near the first point

- Added a nobuild to the shipping crate
- Changed an exit for Blu's spawn
- Changed the route behind the white wood shack to an underground staircase
- Change the layout of the last point (It's less bad now.)

- Cut off some sight lines for Red
- Added a door to the cart drop ramp that opens when the first point is capped
- Removed some OP sentry spots
- Fixed Red's second spawn door
- Made the death pit look "Cooler" (Just Used A Foundry Prop)

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