KotH coalplant B7

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Aug 23, 2008
koth_coalplant is a slightly reworked version of koth_ashville, which was a competitive oriented koth map with some less than stellar visuals. Coalplant was originally intended to be 5cp version of Ashville (cp_ashville) but that map had some significant balance and gameplay issues, and was pretty much rejected by the competitive community. With a fully completed and detailed map sitting around, I decided to revert it to its proven and playtested koth roots, rather than let the whole thing go to waste.

Koth_coalplant is currently played in ESEA and will be played in the upcoming season of UGC highlander and 6's.
Sep 7, 2012
It's funny because waste had similar visuals too! Also, are you going to enter either of the contests going on right now?


May 31, 2013
I don't know if you're still working on this map or solely relying on feedback from competitive, but I had a flythrough of b7 tonight because I was thinking of making a menu background from it and I found a few things:

The func_regenerate around the resupply locker on the left side of blu spawn doesn't have the locker as its associated model as the animation doesn't play when you enter the volume. It's only this locker that has the problem.

The gravel displacements you have at the ramps going to flank from spawn and from the point are irksome to me. Not a big deal, but the gravel just stops at the top of the pile and gets cut off by the concrete. Is there no concrete-gravel blend texture you could use to fade the gravel onto the lip?


I can rocket jump onto the platforms of these signs above mid, no biggie, but could be a big surprise for people coming from the lower flanks.

Just a couple things, I hope some of this helps.
Aug 23, 2008
1) Yah, thats probably a copy paste error. Fix later, etc.

2) So, the concrete blend texture used in foundry is super awesome, but it has one huge drawback which is that the texture lights differently when used on a brush as opposed to on displacements. Its totally possible to replace that brush with a displacement, but then the whole brush area thats there gets borked (I can't use a displacement for the arched area near the stairs, for instance).

Kind of a small visual detail, so I'm not super interested in fixing it.

3) Sign overhang is fixed in b8.