KotH Close Quarters (KOTH Version) A1

A very claustrophobic map

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    Close Quarters (KOTH Version) - A very claustrophobic map

    This is my first map, just letting you know.

    Close Quarters is a small map of KOTH. It has inspiration from Turbine, 2Fort and Snowfront. It also has a second page for a CTF version of the map.

    Some of the features includes:
    -Detailed Vents
    -3 Sniper perches on each side
    -More Vents
    -A large building for each team for basically no reason
    -Vents leading into said buildings
    -Walls on each side to protect against spawn sniping
    -Vents coming out of spawn
    -The KOTH point is on a platform
    -Did I mention the state of the art vents that you have to crouch into.