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    I'm trying to make a clock for my map, but all the tutorials I have seen on youtube, tf2maps, etc show how to make a digital clock, like the one from the start of Portal. I'm trying to make one like this picture, with moving hands.
    I want the hours and minutes hand to move like a regular clock would. Is it possible to do this in hammer editor?
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    Assuming that you don't care about syncing to realtime, not an issue. Use momentary_rot_button for the clock hands, parenting any props to them as needed, and some math_remap and math_counter to compute the input you need. If you need something to make it tick, use a logic_timer as the oscillator.
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    I believe the clock hands you are using have animations to rotate to different positions on the clock face, as I used them in my arena map, Phantom. At that point its just a matter of using logic_timers and math_counter to control the hands.

    Ive attached a VMF for a working clock face with only one hand if you want to see how I did it, although my version is triggered by the start of the round.

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    here's my attempt using func_tracktrain(s), it uses a logic_timer and counters so you could potentially setup time specific events using a logic_case
    angles are a little iffy tho and it could certainly use some tuning

    now that I think about it a func_door_rotating with a specific speed (1/60 hu/s) might do the trick (just set opn distance super high so it wont jam)

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