Clipping Issues

Clipping Issues 2017-08-06

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resident homo
Dec 27, 2012
This entry is ineligible to receive a medal as it is very low effort (being only game screenshots). We do not ask people to try hard on their entries, and entries do not have to be "good" but submitting screenshots from the TF2 menu will not receive you the medal.

  • We reserve the right to not give the medal to low-effort entries! If you’re just entering to get a medal, try to test yourself!
    • To clarify, you won’t be denied a medal for not being very good, but you might be denied if you don’t try hard.
    • Examples of things that might not count: hastily-made MSPaint pictures, loadout pictures, stick-figure art.
    • Obviously, you don’t get a medal if you break any of the rules.

Coding Ethan

L2: Junior Member
Oct 12, 2014
Cosmetics are rarely designed to work together, it's a miracle that they don't clip more tbh.
EDIT: Why is this in 72hr jam entries?