cliffs and mountains[need help]

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    hey, im making a map with a lot of cliffs,but i cant make nice cliffs....

    i use the cut tool and the cut tool cuts everytinginto small brushes.....

    check the wetstone map and you will se what im trying to make in my map.

    i hope you understood what my problem is...
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    The cliffs you see in wetsone (or at least in the pictures from the main post) are not actually displacements, they're brushes. They look good with developer textures because they're placeholders and they don't need to be realistic, just to outline the basic shape of the cliffs in future, more detailed releases.

    If you want to make cliffs like them, have a look at the vertex tool,
    it allows you to pull the corners or sides of a block to change their shape. Try and stick in a grid size of about 16 or more (use the ] or [ buttons to change grid size) because otherwise they are a pain to line up. Create a square block and then pull the sides around to get the shape you want.