KotH Cliffplan A1

A plan, on a cliff. Cliffplan.

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    Cliffplan - A plan, on a cliff.

    My first attempt at making a koth map.
    I hope to develop this map all the way to beta and learn things along the way.
    Feel free to give any criticism, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Okay, I said I'd do it. Some people (Me) said I shouldn't do it. Some people (Me again) threatened me not to do it, regardless, here is feedback on the first version of your map.


    This is a spawn, you can tell because I spawned near it.

    Though anyways, my problem with it is that it's flat. Really flat. I'd recommend looking at Viaduct's simple raised platform at spawn to suggest what you should do. Also, the exits to the team's courtyard are boring as well. They all come out at the same height, so taking the really far one to the left isn't really worth anything. I generally think you could get away with squishing this area down a bit and added small amounts of height variation not only to spawn, but to the exits to the courtyard.


    Speaking of the courtyard, it's also in need of some changing up. mostly because it's also really boring. While not as flat as spawn, it's incredibly open, and incredibly boring to play on. Add a building to the left side that encourages players to actually use it. Change up the entrances to Mid, so the is an advantage to taking the left one, because the left side of the map is really, really boring right now.

    And I think that is a word to describe the map as a whole, boring. There really isn't anything this map does that I couldn't find done in any other map. I mean, I don't expect the greatest thing ever from a first map. Though I think for future versions and other projects you create, you should think of something that'd be interesting to play on and around, because you could use it to sell your map and it's unique feature.


    Moving on from philosophy and theory, here is a Sniper Balcony. It's mostly fine, but I think the cover is misplaced. You could get sniped or spammed by explosives before reaching the doorway, but have great cover from bullets once you get there. You should shift the cover of the balcony so you're protecting entering mid, but not when standing on the balcony itself.

    Oh, one more thing. I think you should make Mid a bit bigger. Mainly, remove the giant walls that separate the map, and replace them with more natural buildings. I think you should also completely remove the separating wall that disconnects Mid from the Courtyards, and simply place good cover to protect players instead of giant walls that let Demos and Soldiers spam enemies coming in the 3 small doorways they get, with no advanced movement options to move through them.

    Oh, and you can spam above the walls with any class that can get above them.

    Well those are words.
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