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    Clearcut - A logging themed KotH map that I've spent way too much time on.

    I Give You B5!:
    After what could be considered a lengthy time of me not doing anything I finally gave in. I couldn't think of any reasons as to why it needed more tweaked or changed currently so here it is.
    Clearcut has been worked on by me for close to 5 to 4 years, with me coming back once or twice a week to add to it. It's current version looks almost nothing like the original but still holds similarities that hark to it's simple beginnings. The change log is huge, and I will probably miss a lot.

    What's New?:
    Ho-boy, this will be long but I'll do my best to be accurate and complete.
    • clearcut_b5_10
      • Geometry:
        • The map has a brand new spawn area giving the owners of said spawn a slight height advantage.
        • The transition buildings leading out of the spawn area have been moved around with the left side being completely changed for an easier to reach route.
        • The courtyard outside of the transitions buildings has had it's cliff removed opting for a slope instead.
        • The main buildings in front of the point now have staircases inside(for the large center one) or outside(for the tower). this is to create an upper are with a sniper perch and cover.
        • The building next to the point has had it's layout completely changed. It now has a staircase leading to the roofs next to the point instead of under.
        • Tower have been added next to the point to provide cover from the point and to give jump opportunity to soldiers.
        • The area under the point has been removed to make the map more focus on fight on the point.
      • Health/Ammo Kits:
        • The kits behind the center building have not been moved.
        • The kits behind the tower have been moved closer to the point.
        • The kits inside the side buildings near the point have been place on the stairs to make it easy to grab as you pass by.
      • Lighting:
        • Daytime is how the map is now lit, many lights have been moved or changed to compensate for this.
      • Props:
        • Tons have been added to give it more detail.
      • Skybox:
        • A fully built skybox has been added to make it more believable and enjoyable to view.
      • ...and so, so much more:
        • I could point out changes for hours, but seeing it will it explain better than I can. The map has seen so much change and because of this it's 1.12 GB, so thankfully I compressed it to make it easier for servers and players to download.
    Thank you for all who have helped me with this!

    Future updates will be thought of based on feedback!​
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    • Layout:
      • New crates added that have made it possible to jump on the far left and right houses via crane house.
      • Clipping has been repaired where "ahem" certain people found a way onto a roof.
      • Multiple clipping issues repaired around transition area.
      • Random displacement issues fixed.
    • Health/Ammo:
      • Two small ammo packs have been placed under the sheds diagonal from each other.
    • Visual:
      • Slight changes in visuals with props and overlays, nothing too big.

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