Classless Update: Day 3

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    Arena Sawmill has been re-worked to function as the third official Valve ‘Capture the Flag’ map. Two side access routes have been blocked off to concentrate gameplay, and a building near each spawn point is now accessible. These lead to a flooded underground stronghold that holds the enemy’s top secret intelligence—a flag made entirely out of microfilm. Or possibly nylon. Either way, yoink!

    Update Notes;


    This abandoned mountaintop coalmine was repurposed by shadowy operatives into a top secret surveillance outpost—one which also, so nobody gets wise, insidiously continues to mine coal. There is also a log hanging in the center of the map—possibly as an example to other logs. Logs that said too much.

    Five control points promise a lot of momentum swings in this compact outdoor map, with plenty of tunnels and rocky outcroppings. Plenty of alternate routes ensure that if you can’t get past a well-placed engineer through one tunnel, you might be able to sneak up behind them through another.

    CP_Yukon is a community map from the brilliant dual-powered brain trust of Patrick “MangyCarface” Mulholland and Joachim “Acegikmo” Holmér.
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