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Classes that you've sworn off playing

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by The Asylum, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. The Asylum

    aa The Asylum

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    I've been Pyro-free for about a month now. Pyro was the first class I started playing (before the buff mind you) and once "[LUE] The Asylum oo==* your teammate" started appearing in the top right you knew immediately who was playing on easy mode.

    Since swearing off Pyro, I've since confirmed that I suck and will forever suck at Scout, but I'm getting beastly good at Soldier.
  2. StoneFrog

    StoneFrog L6: Sharp Member

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    I've played about 54 minutes as the Heavy, in my entire TF2 career. Granted I don't play TF2 much nowadays, but even the Pyro and Sniper got more love than that.

    I just can't get into the TF2 Heavy, he's too reliant on his teammates compared to the way he was in TFC. I can't be bothered to adapt to a class I never cared for much anyway, regardless of which game.
  3. Icarus

    aa Icarus

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    I'm prett awesome at most classes, but I just can't get the hang of Demoman.

    I suck as a demo, please don't make me play him
  4. goldenhearted

    goldenhearted L2: Junior Member

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    During my early days on TF2, I did 2 week runs for each class and the results state that I'm used to the playstyles of Medic, Spy and Engie. I did all runs so I won't feel so alienated with all classes.

    Medic cause I just like the intensity of going to the frontlines and healing up my teammates. It's also a nice thought that you're the reason that this guy, who was supposed to die of burns, still lives. And because of playing lots of medic, I became more alert and more coordinated with the teamwork gameplay. Very fun

    Engies cause there are times I like to lay back for a while and give support for my crew. There are times I do the turtling Engie when I feel laid back and times I do the Offensive Engineering which is one of the most fun things to do in the game. Build a lvl 1 sentry and you shotty everyone in the area to rack in the kills then move up!

    As for Spy, well, I've always wanted to try this guy. During my first few tries, I always died a lot and it was pretty embarrasing to be the butt of many dominations (I have to admit, I got dominated by 6 people in one round O_O) but after match after match, I toiled and learned lots of Spy tips and tricks through tutorial vids, other Spies and experience in-general. Now these days, i can easily do my sabotage work and escape death (though I do get killed, it's just not so frequent anymore). I'm not bragging that I'm the best Spy ever... just that I played the class enough to be more of a reliability for the team.

    It's also good to be a Spy/Medic/Engie mainer since as Medic/Engie, I can tell who are Spies just by seeing a player's behavior :p
  5. Fogold

    Fogold L2: Junior Member

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    I used to never play Demo, but I've started to like him more. Nowadays, I never play medic.
  6. Owlruler

    Owlruler L12: Fabulous Member

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    I've sworn off playing the medic. At first I played him alot but I've recently found myself edgeing towards the engie and scout.

    The reason I like playing the engie is because you can just set up a level 1 sentry and leave it to use up all it's ammo or be destroyed meanwhile it gets you about 3 kills. I also like sneaking behind the enemy and setting up a teleporter for spies etc.

    I recently began to play scout before the update because I went through a phase of jump maps. I like the speed the the scout has and his double jump (which is why I'm never using the sand man).
  7. Homeroe

    Homeroe L1: Registered

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    Medic and engineer(offensive mostrly) for me. Guess im kinda support guy.

    Less played... hmm...
    Sniper (never liked snipers in any game) and heavy (I just can't stand being that slow, also, spies)
  8. Lss40

    Lss40 L1: Registered

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    I play everything and I THINK I am above average at all classes except Sniper. I suck@sniper. Also i hate them, they make me rage sometimes. :cursing:

    AWESOME-O L10: Glamorous Member

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    pff "All of you are little Babies!"

    I play whatever the teams need at that moment, and i dont really suck in a class tbh.
  10. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    I never ever snipe, nor play as scout - I use scout for testing maps locally. I can't stand engie either, I just cant swap between all the different weapons and menus effectively in a pinch its even harder with the quick weapon swap which I use normally - its the same to a certain extent with spy but I'm actually willing to play spy.

    All the other classes I'm willing to play and I enjoy all the others except for demoman which I find frustrating at times.
  11. savageindigo

    savageindigo L1: Registered

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    I've sworn off playing heavy because of his slow speed. Also, I can't seem to play a pyro normally because I always end up pulling out my axe!! I love melee way too much...
  12. zpqrei

    aa zpqrei Theme Changer Extraordinaire

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    I physically cannot play Scout. It just isn't possible. Pressing '1' on the class selection screen results in a black hole. So for all your sakes, I won't play Scout :p
  13. MrAlBobo

    MrAlBobo L13: Stunning Member

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    I absolutely refuse to play soldier under any circumstance...
    soldier has 30mins, the next lowest is heavy which is somewhere around 25 hours <_<

    medic is by a large margin my best class, and I occasionally do very well as sniper, all the other classes kinda sit in the middle
  14. StoneFrog

    StoneFrog L6: Sharp Member

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    I love the Demoman! :D He's the most versatile and least-neutered of all the TF2 classes. I just wish there'd be less whining about him. A good example:

    I was playing defensively as a Demoman on 2fort. I set up a stickybomb trap under the stairs in the ramp room. A scout runs by and gets blown to bits. Okay, maybe he'll learn next time. Apparently he doesn't. 50 seconds later, the exact same scout tries to take the exact same stairway and blows up again.

    This happened about two more times. I mean, honestly, do you know how to improvise?

    At this point, he was getting vengeful. A teammate called me to the sewers to help with a fight. There had been a Soldier, Heavy, and Medic. I lobbed a few grenades down the stairs and they hung back until it was all clear or the Medic could amass an UberCharge.

    All except for the Heavy. Upon realizing that ol' StoneFrog is in the fray, the Heavy comes ramboing up the stairs with his minigun ablazing. It's at this point that I realize this Heavy is the same guy who was playing that unfortunate Scout from earlier.

    The Heavy starts charging at me, looking rather vengeful, hell-bent on killing ME! It turns out that those five scout kills or whatever yielded me some good crits. I launched about two crit stickybombs at him and he met his end before a single bullet touched me.

    He called me a cheater and then left the server. :closedeyes:
  15. Hawk

    Hawk L7: Fancy Member

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    I'd say that I've essentially sworn off the Spy and Scout, but the truth is that I know I'll play them some more down the road. Eventually when the Scout craze dies down I'll try to get some of those achievements.

    And though I'm an awful Spy and I don't exactly like the way he works, I can see him as a challenge I'll eventually try to undertake.
  16. Ceiling Man

    Ceiling Man L3: Member

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    I've never done something like that. :/

    I like to play as all of them.
  17. StoneFrog

    StoneFrog L6: Sharp Member

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    I farmed most Medic and Pyro achievements since I didn't play them much, but I've been working to get the Heavy and Scout achievements legitimately.

    I must say, the Heavy ones are much easier to get now that there aren't a million other Heavies out there stopping me from doing so. I'll do the same once ScoutMania(TM) comes to an end.
  18. NovaSilisko

    aa NovaSilisko L42: Life, the Universe and Everything

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    Sniper, because I can't get all.
  19. Spike

    Spike L10: Glamorous Member

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    Demoman and engineer, cause are the cheapest classes ever made. Oh well, and Sniper.
  20. bomc

    bomc L2: Junior Member

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    Scout - Low skill - Lotsa playtime... i suppose that this is not my class...
    Solly - Medium skills - Not mery much playtime
    Pyro - doesnt require much skill :p - I play it pretty often
    Demo - Awesome skills - Much playtime
    Heavy - - I Never play heavy, unless my team is REALLY f*cked, wich they (of course) never are because im on the team. :p
    Engie - **Turtleturtle** - Too much playtime. i almost never play it anymore, but i did alot when i started with tf2.
    Medic - i sux and i never play it. What can i say, its booooring
    Sniper - Tha class suck, i suck
    *not here* - Good skills, but i almost never play it

    So... i play demoman much the time, but i enjoy some of the other classes once in a while (exept medic and sniper)
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